ReadyFit CIC

Noise Reduction
Tinnitus Control
Feedback Cancellation

ReadyFit hearing aids are ideal for individuals looking for a comfortable and discreet on-the-spot solution without sacrificing top-of-the-line quality.

  • SingleMic™ directionality is the world’s first
  • No ear impressions required, four different sleeve sizes, and suitable for any ear
  • Completely wireless for binaural wireless ear-to-ear communication
Level of Loss Battery Size Number of Channels Compatible Apps Price
mild to moderate 10 up to 48 GENIUScontrol Pricing available at your local Miracle-Ear


Colors Available

Ready. Fit. Go.

  • Sound Quality
  • Comfort
  • Understanding
  • Connectivity
ReadyFit CIC Hearing Aid

With the innovative Miracle-Ear® technology, listening is easier than ever before. A fully customizable listening experience that can virtually eliminate background noise, isolate and directionally enhance speech, and even maximize your enjoyment of music.

This hearing aid is designed to help you enjoy conversations in any situation.

One click and it fits. The exchangeable Click Sleeves 2.0 are easily clicked into place. Made from super-soft silicone, they are available in four different sizes that fit in almost every ear canal for a simple and quick fitting. In addition, turn protection and side indication provide an extraordinary wearing comfort.
ReadyFit Hearing Aid
ReadyFit CIC Hearing Aid

Of the many advanced features developed for hearing aids in recent years, directional microphones are among the most popular. An adaptive directional microphone can detect the location of the strongest source of unwanted noise, and adapt its settings to reduce noise on contact. This will also give you the ability to directionally focus your device on the speaker or sound that you'd like to hear.

Features like Phone Surround, VoiceTarget 360, and intuitive streaming will make it easier than ever for you to understand speech in noisy situations.

Better hearing at the touch of a button - that’s what each of our convenient apps offer. Our devices seamlessly connect with your smartphone and other programs to offer you the utmost convenience and control.

ReadyFit CIC Hearing Aid

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