In-the-Canal (ITC) Hearing Aid

Tinnitus Control
Noise Reduction
Feedback Cancellation

This solution offers a discreet fit and a natural listening experience.


  • Great for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • Discreet
  • Custom-fit by your hearing care specialist
  • Limited feedback due to placement

Technology Available:

Colors Available

In-the-ear hearing aids are a custom-fit solution that fills most of the outer ear. They are smaller than ITEs but slightly larger than CICs, making them a great option for those who want an aid that’s discrete but also easy to handle. Their medium size also makes them a great choice for push button controls. The placement of the microphone close to the eardrum creates a natural listening experience and cuts down on feedback.

This style uses small batteries, which means a shorter battery life than other options. It also means fewer features than larger aids.