Ultimate Customer Care

Kyle's Miracle-Ear Story

Kyle Atkins is a Miracle-Ear franchise owner with three full-time Miracle-Ear centers in Pennsylvania and Florida.

“I have never been prouder to be a part of Miracle Ear than right now. Current leadership as well as my fellow local franchisees are all committed to providing the ultimate in customer care. I believe that this commitment will set us apart from the competition including big box chains. I think there is still something to be said for the local family business that puts customer satisfaction first over sales and figures. 

I own a Miracle-Ear franchise with my father. We recently had a patient who was diagnosed with ALS a few years ago. Despite the devastating nature of ALS, this was the most positive man I've ever met. I made sure to give him every tool at his disposal to hear the best he could with what time he had left. This included the brand new Bluetooth® system, allowing him to stream audio and phone calls to his hearing aids. As the use of his arms and hands diminished, these tools became even more helpful. I'll never forget how thankful and upbeat he was.

Miracle-Ear as a whole is truly committed to helping the hearing impaired. The Miracle-Ear Foundation is a great example of our commitment, as it that allows low-or-limited income children and adults acquire life-changing hearing devices they would have otherwise not had access to.”