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Here at Miracle-Ear, we're proud to help people reach their full hearing potential every day. It's our goal to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We hope you will allow us to help you hear better days!

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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Conyers, GA

If you're combating hearing loss, why do it alone? Come to Miracle-Ear® so that our hearing care specialists can facilitate your efforts and walk you through your options. We provide all kinds of hearing aids in Conyers, GA, and we do all that we can to make each customer comfortable. No matter what your condition is, a hearing solution from us will improve your situation and restore your ability to hear natural, perceptible sounds with ease.

Top-Notch Functionality

We know that you want a workable solution to your hearing problem, and we want to give that to you, so look no further than our hearing aid center. All of our services are reasonably priced, and all of our hearing aids feature leading-edge technology that makes them more reliable, efficient, and useful. We're sure you'll love their discreet designs because it will allow you to be more confident in any social situation.

Our GENIUS™ technology takes things up a notch. Aside from having high-definition sound capabilities, these hearing aids provide better speech intelligibility and eliminate distracting background noises.

Reliable and Ongoing Service

Instead of finding some way to tolerate your hearing disability, we believe you owe it to yourself to discover and experience the Miracle-Ear advantage. That's because we're caring, and we'll be determined to enhance your quality of life with our services. Whichever hearing solution we provide, it will fit you comfortably and address your specific needs. Since we provide ongoing checkups without charging anything extra, you'll have nothing to worry about as a customer. During checkup visits, we'll:

  • Put in fresh batteries
  • Refit the hearing aid to your ear if necessary
  • Resolve any problems with the unit
  • Deal with earwax buildup

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Conyers, GA

When your hearing worsens, don't hesitate to turn to Miracle-Ear to get all the help you need. Your condition won't be too mild or too severe for our experienced hearing care specialists. We have more than 1300 locations nationwide. If you're in Conyers, Redan, or Lithonia, call to set up a free hearing test.*

Introducing Our Best Hearing Technology Ever The GENIUS™ 3.0

  • Most natural and realistic sound quality
  • Streams from your Smart Phone
  • Conversations, music, television
  • Fits all shapes and sizes
  • The possibilities are endless
  • Adobe sound quality

  • Meet the Team

    Katrina Husband Georgia Licensed Instrument Specialist

    Katrina Husband "AKA Hurricane Katrina" is a down to Earth Mississippi girl and has lived in ... Read More About Katrina Husband

    Profile Photo of Katrina - Georgia Licensed Instrument Specialist

    Katrina Husband "AKA Hurricane Katrina" is a down to Earth Mississippi girl and has lived in Georgia since 1999. She is a proud mother of two beautiful children. Katrina is dedicated to her family and showing that her children too can be successful in life like she is. She is outgoing and the life of the party when she enters a room.

    Katrina has been with Miracle Ear since 2001 and is a believer in helping others with knowledge. She is well educated and trained in helping others meet their hearing expectations. She sets goals and with her hard work and determination is able to help others understand how hearing and the brain work together.

    Katrina is a good person that would give her last dollar to help a person in need. She is active in her community both here in Georgia and back in her hometown in Mississippi where her father is a pastor. She has gained many adopted moms and dads since coming to Miracle Ear. Knowledgeable, independent, and honest are the best words to describe Hurricane Katrina.

    Susan Bettini Front Office Associate / Insurance Expert

    Born and bred in Georgia, Stone Mountain specifically, but I love to travel and someday, I hope ... Read More About Susan Bettini

    Profile Photo of Susan   - Front Office Associate / Insurance Expert

    Born and bred in Georgia, Stone Mountain specifically, but I love to travel and someday, I hope to visit the great Pyramids of Egypt and see *those* mountains of stone! I have four daughters, and I love to do my gardening while my yorkie, Sammy, loves to do undo it. When I'm not at home getting my thumb green, I'm enjoying my work at Miracle Ear; it has been an important part of my life before I even realized it. Both of my parents have been wearing Miracle Ear hearing aids for over 10 years and have been very happy with them. Their Conyers Hearing Aid Specialist, Katrina Husband, is much more than a health care provider, she has become family. After meeting Katrina, I learned she was in need of help in her office and we both knew immediately we would be a perfect team. I genuinely like people and helping where I can, and what better way than with their hearing which will improve the quality of their lives. I feel very fortunate to be part of the Miracle Ear team.

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