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Here at Miracle-Ear, we're proud to help people reach their full hearing potential every day. It's our goal to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We hope you will allow us to help you hear better days!

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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Crystal, MN

Learning more about hearing aids in Crystal, MN, is easy. All you have to do is visit Miracle-Ear®. At our hearing aid center, you'll become informed about hearing aid styles and the industry-leading innovations found within our hearing aids using GENIUS™ Technology.

With this advanced technology, we've become America's most recognized brand of hearing aids. Our independently owned and operated center is part of a network of over 1300 Miracle-Ear centers nationwide. As our customer, you'll receive personal attention from our caring hearing care specialists.

Hearing Assessment

You may suspect that your ability to hear clearly has diminished. Hearing loss could impact your life in a number of ways. Signs that you might be experiencing poor auditory perception include:

  • Constant ringing in the ears
  • Medical problems like diabetes, heart disease, or thyroid disease
  • Stress from struggling to follow conversations
  • Trouble understanding the voices of women and children
  • Complaints that you're playing the television too loudly
  • Withdrawal from social situations

We'll perform a hearing test for free* to determine your need for auditory augmentation. Once we know your precise requirements, we'll discuss which hearing aid model could provide the most benefits. Our hearing solutions deliver high-definition sound and produce signals in a manner that allows your brain to interpret sound normally. The results could improve sound clarity and allow you to function confidently, even in noisy environments such as restaurants.

30-Day Trial Period

You'll get to assess your new hearing aid by wearing it for a 30-day trial**. If you're not satisfied, we'll return your money. During the trial period, you can come to us with your questions or let us know if you're experiencing discomfort. We'll adjust the fit and settings to finely tune and improve your perception and comfort.

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Crystal, MN

Our center proudly provides people with ongoing support. You'll be able to rely on our service for repairs, cleaning, and checkups. To find out more about Miracle-Ear, call our hearing aid center in Crystal today and make an appointment.

Meet the Team

Jerri McMahon Hearing Instrument Specialist

I have been in this career for 36 years. I started in 1977 working for Associated Hearing ... Read More

Profile Photo of Jerri - Hearing Instrument Specialist

I have been in this career for 36 years. I started in 1977 working for Associated Hearing Instruments in Downtown Minneapolis. I was trained to dispense by Charlie Stone, an audiologist. Charlie and I opened offices as Allied Hearing Services and expanded throughout Minneapolis. We sold our practice in 1997 and I went to work for Unitron Hearing as their National Behind the Ear Sales Manager. I found I missed dispensing very much and left Unitron to work with Hearing Concepts. Hearing Concepts was acquired by Sonus Hearing Care Professionals in 2007 and I was asked to become an Area Manager for Sonus. This office has gone from Sonus to Rosner Hearing to Miracle Ear.

My Aunt was working for Associated Hearing Instruments in St. Paul in 1977, when the position became available in Minneapolis. She was the one that called me about the job. I spend my down time at home doing things I love. Gardening! It is my passion. I can lose myself in the flowers and not think of anything else. I also love to cook. I spend my autumn time putting together school supplies for my sister's second-grade students. Many of these children come to school in need and the schools do not have enough funds to equip all the students. When people ask me for my favorite success story, after this many years, anytime I am able to succeed in helping a person to hear again, is my favorite. I enjoy what I do and after all this time, I still believe that I have a lot to offer to the hearing impaired for many years to come

My husband has a moderate to profound noise-induced hearing loss. This makes me very empathetic to families experiencing communication problems, amplification adjustment issues, and noise protection practices. I am asked what my background is in this field. Well, I was one of the first dispensers to be certified by the State of Minnesota in 1991. I have trained quite a few people to fit hearing aids in the last 36 years. When I was an owner of Allied Hearing Services, we were one of the first, and certainly the largest practice, in the state to use digital technologies. I am very proud of my abilities to work with a variety of manufacturers in both amplification and communication, and I try to keep up to date with the current technology. At one time, we worked with a large deaf population and so I have taken Sign Language courses. I have enjoyed working with organizations such as SHHH, now HLAA and the Minnesota Department of Rehabilitation Services, now Positively Minnesota.

Specialties include: Real Ear Measurement (REM); live speech mapping; Cross and Bi-cross fittings; Binaural fittings; wireless solutions and nearly invisible hearing aids.

Courtney Mikulichek Hearing Instrument Dispenser

Professional Experience
I have 13 years of hearing aid industry ... Read More

Profile Photo of Courtney - Hearing Instrument Dispenser

Professional Experience
I have 13 years of hearing aid industry experience and I've spent the last 4 years as a Hearing Instrument Dispenser.

Minnesota State Certified Hearing Instrument Dispenser, National Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences, Member of the International Hearing Society, Member of the Minnesota Hearing Healthcare Providers Inc and I have worked with Miracle-Ear for 9 months.

Favorite Part of working with Miracle-Ear
My favorite part of working at Miracle-Ear is getting to know and build relationships with clients from all walks of life!

Louise Davis Front Office Associate

I have worked in the hearing aid world since August of 2007. Starting in out Excelsior ... Read More

Profile Photo of Louise - Front Office Associate

I have worked in the hearing aid world since August of 2007. Starting in out Excelsior location and ending here in Crystal since October 2008. I truly enjoy working with all of our clients and helping them with their hearing needs.

I am engaged to be married and between us, we have 6 children and he has 3 grandchildren. Instant Grandma!!! In my spare time, I love to read novels, magazines, and cookbooks. My daughter and I love to try new recipes out on my poor fiancé. He is such a trooper! I look forward to getting to know each of you as we work together to improve your communication.

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