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Here at Miracle-Ear, we're proud to help people reach their full hearing potential every day. It's our goal to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We hope you will allow us to help you hear better days!

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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Port Charlotte, FL

If you're in need of hearing aids in Port Charlotte, FL, call Miracle-Ear®. We have more than 70 years of experience in the industry, so you can trust our hearing care specialists to help you find the perfect hearing solution. We have more than 1300 locations nationwide, and we're proud to be America's most recognized brand of hearing aids.

Modern Technology

Our hearing aid center has a diverse array of hearing aids that are equipped with the most advanced technology available today. Our GENIUS™ Technology is a breakthrough hearing solution that helps those with hearing loss have a more natural auditory experience. You'll be able to focus on conversations you want to hear and block distracting noise that interferes with conversation. GENIUS™ Technology also processes sound in the same way your ear would, which will give you the ability to easily adapt to different environments.

Do You Have Hearing Loss?

For some, hearing loss occurs over time, and family and friends will often be the first ones to notice there is an issue. Continuous noise, illness, age, and certain medications can all be factors that affect hearing. The good news is most problems can be treated with a hearing aid and will not require surgical intervention. You could be a good candidate for a hearing aid if you:

  • Frequently ask people to repeat themselves
  • Have difficulty following conversations that involve more than two people
  • Have more trouble hearing women and children than men
  • Avoid social situations that you know are going to be crowded or noisy

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Port Charlotte, FL

From the moment you enter our hearing aid center, you'll notice the Miracle-Ear advantage. Our hearing care specialists will answer any questions you have, and we'll work hard to address your individual hearing needs. We provide repair services for all of our hearing aids and free hearing tests*, and we'll even offer a 30-day risk-free trial** for your complete satisfaction. Discover and experience the Miracle-Ear advantage. If you live in the Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port, Murdock, or El Jobean areas, call us today for an appointment.

Introducing Our Best Hearing Technology Ever The GENIUS™ 3.0

  • Most natural and realistic sound quality
  • Streams from your Smart Phone
  • Conversations, music, television
  • Fits all shapes and sizes
  • The possibilities are endless

  • A Story About One of Our Happy Clients

    Here is our specialist Kelly Grucello with our patient of over 20 years Guido Salmaggi. Guido was a popular singer for many years, especially well known for his rendition of the National Anthem which he performed for 12 past Presidents and in most of the Major League Baseball stadiums throughout the country. Guido just purchased a new pair of hearing aids, with the very latest technology, as a birthday gift to himself for his 102nd birthday coming up soon!

    Kelly Grucello


    Spotlight On Penny Shattuck

    Penny Shattuck lived in Key West before moving to Punta Gorda 20 years ago. Prior to relocating to Florida, she worked as a Computer Lab Manager in Evanston, IL. Penny enjoys yoga, sailing and cruising with her husband , John. They have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Penny joined our Miracle-Ear family in 2015.

    "I love how Kelly explains everything in terms I can understand regarding my hearing loss and my hearing aids. They are always available for questions and quick check-ups whenever I need them. The new Genius 3.0 technology works so well and I am thrilled to hear again! Kelly and Mitzi make you feel welcome when you walk in and they are always there for me. Thank you for improving my quality of life."

    Meet the Team

    Kelly Grucello Hearing Instrument Specialist

    Kelly has been a dedicated member of the Miracle Ear family for 4 years, working in both our Cape Coral and Sarasota offices. She is a state licensed Hearing Aid Specialist who enjoys meeting each patient's individual Hearing needs. What she finds most satisfying in her career is her ability to ... Read More

    Profile Photo of Kelly  - Hearing Instrument Specialist

    Kelly has been a dedicated member of the Miracle Ear family for 4 years, working in both our Cape Coral and Sarasota offices. She is a state licensed Hearing Aid Specialist who enjoys meeting each patient's individual Hearing needs. What she finds most satisfying in her career is her ability to improve someone's quality of life by restoring their hearing. Come in and meet with Kelly and allow her to assist you or a loved one by selecting and fitting you with the most optimal hearing Instrument.


    Russel S.

    The total exam was great. This was my best appointment I've ever had at Miracle Ear.


    The professionalism and courtesy was tremendous and I never felt pressured at any time.

    Rosina P.

    I love hearing and using my hearing aid TV streamer. I can hear things more distinctly than I did before. I can hear all the little sounds I didn't hear before straight into my ears.

    Patty J

    I needed hearing aids adjusted and they did an awesome job. They were very friendly also. I would recommend Miracle Ear port Charlotte, FL to everyone.

    James C.

    In the last 10 years, I've had 5 sets of hearing aids. All but the first were Miracle-Ear. My latest pair, with the Genius 3.0 technology and they are far more superior to the ones in the past. I would recommend them highly and my visits have always been pleasant!

    Bruce M.

    I find the staff to be very knowledgeable as well as very kind!!! They couldn't be any nicer! Helpful in all ways from product decisions to financing. All businesses should be this good!

    Happy Client

    We had no wait time. Hearing aids were cleaned immediately. Service is wonderful and staff is friendly.


    The whole experience was very nice due to the people who were working on me. The people here are great. Mitzi and Kelly are great!!

    Virginia K

    The best part of my experience was not knowing how much I was missing. I can now watch TV and understand every word. Talking to people is so much easier now. I cannot express how much I love my hearing aids.

    Beverly B

    Being treated so compassionately and explaining each step. Then being approved for my hearing aids. Exceptional. The aids are a wonderful addition and make my life easier to hear all sounds. I recommend everyone I talk to that may or may not need help!

    Francis H

    I found that my ability to hear was vastly improved. Whenever I find someone who needs a hearing aid -- I will recommend them.

    Craig Coleman 7-18

    Kelly and Mitzi’s kindness , patience and friendliness. They both are very professional and accommodating. Kelly made my Genius 2.0’s perform better than ever. I am able to play my guitar again and record music. I can hear people much clearer too.

    William Funk

    The best part of my experience was the explaination of how the hearing aids work and instruction on how to get them in.

    Gene R

    The best part of my experience was not only the great work they do, but meeting the greatest staff of people I've ever dealt with. The office associate Mitzi as well as Jim Cash are a real credit to Miracle-Ear.

    Margaret R.

    Friendly sevice! My hearing aids were fixed within minutes. Mitzi is a great Front Office Associate.

    Gerald M

    The best part of my experience was that I can now hear better than I could with my old hearing aids. TV was also a 100% better and I can enjoy that again. Miracle-Ear Port Charlotte's service was the best you can get!

    Judy R.

    All of my questions were welcomed and answered. Hearing aids were checked and batteries were replaced. I received warranty information plus coffee and snacks. We also discussed phones available for the hearing impaired.

    Mary B

    It is all good here. The specialist is AWESOME. No complaints, very clean and Mitzi is the receptionist!

    Inez G.

    The staff was very helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of hearing aids.

    Colleen C.

    The warm and expert care I received from the hearing specialist Kelly -- did everything she could to assist me. I am very thankful and happy for the outcome.

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