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Here at Miracle-Ear, we're proud to help people reach their full hearing potential every day. It's our goal to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We hope you will allow us to help you hear better days!

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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Quakertown, PA

If you want hearing aids in Quakertown, PA, look to Miracle-Ear®. We're proud to be America's most recognized brand of hearing aids, and we have over 1300 locations nationwide. We offer a wide array of different hearing solutions, and our experienced specialists will help you find the best match for your needs. Our hearing care specialists are experienced, knowledgeable, and ready to assist you.

Industry-Leading Technology

We sell hearing aids that are built with the most current technology, including GENIUS™ Technology. With GENIUS™, you'll be able to navigate difficult listening environments with ease. It has multiple features that work together to adapt to different settings, which results in clear, high-definition sounds. The Wireless Windscreen feature filters out wind noises to allow more natural sounds through while Directional Focus enables listeners to zero in on what's in front of them.

Our hearing aids come with Bluetooth® capabilities, so you can manage your hearing aids easily from your smartphone. You can modify sound settings discreetly from an app,* or you can connect your hearing solution to your TV, phone, or MP3 player.

Continuous Care and Support

Once you take our free hearing test** and purchase one of our hearing aids, we'll become your hearing aid partners for life. You'll receive a complimentary aftercare package that includes repairs and checkups. When you come to one of our locations for a checkup, you can count on us to:

  • Install new batteries
  • Clean each hearing aid thoroughly
  • Review your listening experience and wearing schedule
  • Inspect your ears for wax buildup
  • Make any needed adjustments

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Quakertown, PA

Give our hearing aid center a call if you’re in Quakertown, Blooming Glen, Milford Square, Richlandtown, Sellersville, or a neighboring area. We’ll help you find the right solution to your hearing troubles. From improving your social life to increasing your speech recognition, hearing aids will benefit you in more ways than one. You can try hearing aids with Miracle-Ear for a 30-day trial, risk-free. Our products also come with a warranty††.

Meet the Team

Our Team Hear Clear Inc.

Our Miracle-Ear team is dedicated to helping every person struggling with that silent, ... Read More About Our Team

Profile Photo of Our - Hear Clear Inc.

Our Miracle-Ear team is dedicated to helping every person struggling with that silent, painless, destroyer of human communication - hearing loss, and delivering this service with dignity and devotion to patient and community. Come visit our professionals and start hearing a better day.....

Vitaliya Yeroshevich Hearing Instrument Specialist

Vitaliya Yeroshevich is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist at Hear Clear, Inc. (DBA ... Read More About Vitaliya Yeroshevich

Profile Photo of Vitaliya  - Hearing Instrument Specialist

Vitaliya Yeroshevich is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist at Hear Clear, Inc. (DBA Miracle Ear). Vita is responsible for conducting hearing tests and fitting hearing aids for Miracle Ear customers.

Vita takes pride in her ability to diagnose the severity of hearing loss and fit the right hearing aid based on each customer's lifestyle. Like her fellow Miracle Ear Hearing Instrument Specialists, Vita is passionate about helping improve customers' lives through the gift of hearing, so they can reconnect with family and friends.

Vita has a Bachelor's Degree from Touro College and has worked in the hearing sciences field since 2011. Vita brings international flair to the Miracle Ear staff, as she was born and raised in Belarus. When she is not helping customers "Hear a better day," Vita enjoys ice skating, tennis and spending time with her husband and two children.

Brian Rafferty President & Owner

Brian Rafferty is the president and owner of Hear Clear, Inc. (DBA Miracle Ear). With five ... Read More About Brian Rafferty

Profile Photo of Brian  - President & Owner

Brian Rafferty is the president and owner of Hear Clear, Inc. (DBA Miracle Ear). With five Miracle Ear locations throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania, Brian's responsibilities include guiding and overseeing the daily operations and future growth of each Miracle Ear center as well as the education and betterment of his team of professionals.

Brian's commitment to the Miracle-Ear brand and to each customer are evidenced through his dedication to having a courteous, knowledgeable and well-trained staff. From sales training to professional certifications, Brian believes that a well-educated staff can do more than just help sell products - they can change lives. Brian finds the greatest satisfaction in seeing customers' lives transformed through the miracle of better hearing and in being associated with an energetic and talented group of teammates.

Brian has a Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy from Rutgers College of Pharmacy and worked for Eli Lilly & Co. as a Senior Director of Sales and Marketing before launching Hear Clear, Inc. in 2013. He is married with five children.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys sports of all kinds, especially football, baseball, and golf. When he is not working, Brian can often be found reading non-fiction books, volunteering with Boy Scouts of America or Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, barbecuing or spending time with family, friends and his Wheaton Terrier Zoe.


Edwin S.

I've tried quite a few hearing aids over the years and Miracle-Ear is by far the best I have had. My hearing is very much improved and the FREE ongoing care appointments for me and my hearing aids have been outstanding. Thank you, Miracle-Ear, I will recommend you to anyone who asks.

Russell S.

I could barely hear at all when I came to Miracle-Ear. I was treated very kindly and fitted with my Hearing Aid, and now I can hear! It really has changed my life. I am completely deaf in one ear, and my new Hearing Aid truly is a miracle! I love being able to hear so well now.

Janet F.

I have been a patient of three different Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists and their audiologists over last 20+ years. I have also purchased hearing aids from another company and their Consultant. None of them offered as clear an explanation of the test results and the hearing aids as Vita. I am very impressed with her knowledge and her willingness to work patiently with me as I progress through the initial period of wearing the hearing aids. Kim is very helpful and pleasant and she and Vita work well together, keeping things running very smoothly.

Irene Z.

I have had a hearing problem for years and had no luck with hearing aids from another company. I am very satisfied with my new hearing aids from Miracle-Ear! Everyone in Vita’s office is very polite and pleasant. I can’t thank you enough and would highly recommend Miracle-Ear to anyone in need of hearing aids. I will never forget the kindness of the people who took care of me, and fit me perfectly with these hearing aids. There are no words to describe what a different world I live in now by being able to join others in conversations.

Laura B.

My mother, now 99 years old, has for years, attributed hearing problems to accumulated wax. Now that she lives with me, she agreed to consider a hearing evaluation. She now has hearing aids and comments often that she hears sounds she was previously unaware of. She no longer gets blank looks or has to say "What?" And I no longer have to yell or repeat.

Steven V.

The hearing aids from Miracle-Ear make all the difference in the world. Before when I was at church, everything was muffled. Now with my new hearing aids, I can follow along with no problem. Very well satisfied.

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