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Here at Miracle-Ear, we're proud to help people reach their full hearing potential every day. It's our goal to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We hope you will allow us to help you hear better days!

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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Wasilla, AK

Don't miss out on the fun in life due to your hearing loss. With a Miracle-Ear® hearing aid, you won't have to worry about the inability to hear in crowds any longer. You can come to us for quality hearing aids in Wasilla, AK. Miracle-Ear is America's most recognized brand of hearing aids.

Choose a Hearing Aid That Meets Your Needs

Miracle-Ear hearing aids come in many shapes and styles. After you receive your free hearing test,* our experienced hearing care specialists will help you choose the hearing aid that's right for you. Our hearing aid styles include:
  • Behind-The-Ear
  • Receiver-In-The-Canal
  • Completely-In-The-Canal
  • In-The-Canal
  • In-The-Ear

Our GENIUS™ Technology Can Provide Better Hearing

We're dedicated to the use of state-of-the-art advancements, including in our hearing aids with GENIUS™ Technology. With GENIUS™ Technology, you can focus on the people you want to hear no matter where they are in the room. A hearing aid with GENIUS™ Technology features high-definition sound by not only processing the sounds that you hear directly but also by programming each hearing aid to transmit its signal to the other side. It's like a sound system with eight speakers.

If you're embarrassed because you constantly have to reach up and adjust your hearing aids, GENIUS™ Technology can be a solution to your problem. These hearing aids can be controlled and adjusted discreetly and conveniently with your cell phone using our free app.**

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Wasilla, AK

Don't waste another day dealing with hearing loss. Stop by our hearing aid center in Wasilla for your free hearing test and see how you can discover and experience the Miracle-Ear advantage. Our location is independently owned and operated, and we'll be committed to your satisfaction. Along with your purchase, you'll receive free aftercare that will include regular checkups at any one of our more than 1300 locations nationwide. Come see us today, and put the fun back into your life.

Meet the Team

Tim Morehouse Franchise Owner and Consultant

Professional Experience
Tim has been in the Hearing Aid industry for 20 years as ... Read More

Profile Photo of Tim - Franchise Owner and Consultant

Professional Experience
Tim has been in the Hearing Aid industry for 20 years as a Hearing Aid Specialist and purchased the Miracle-Ear Franchise in September of 2015.

Tim is a Hearing Aid Specialist.

Favorite Part of working with Miracle-Ear
Tim has several favorite parts including the products, his co-workers and most importantly the people WE help!

Jodie Escot Hearing Instrument Specialist

I have worked for Miracle-Ear for 25 years.

... Read More

Profile Photo of Jodie  - Hearing Instrument Specialist

I have worked for Miracle-Ear for 25 years.

Favorite Part of working with Miracle-Ear
The smiles of those we have the privilege to help hear again.

Raleen McCourry Hearing Instrument Specialist

Professional Experience
Raleen has 6 years 7 months experience as a ... Read More

Professional Experience
Raleen has 6 years 7 months experience as a Hearing Instrument Specialist at Miracle-Ear.

Raleen has continued education units, a Hearing Care Professional Certification and a Certificate of Recognition from the Miracle-Ear Foundation.

Favorite Part of working with Miracle-Ear
Raleen's favorite part of working at Miracle-Ear is "helping people hear the world around them."


Lori H.

I absolutely love the hearing aids from Miracle-Ear of Alaska. I have had terrible hearing loss my whole life. With these hearing aids my hearing has improved substantially and I even forget I am wearing them. The office staff is fantastic and have helped me along the way to get the hearing aids adjusted to my particular situation. They have been so patient. The technology is great. With the Bluetooth feature I can now talk on my phone an actually hear the person I am talking to. The office staff also helped me with financing so I was able to afford these hearing aids. I would highly recommend these hearing aids.

Dana Travis

Miracle-Ear is an amazing company that shows compassion, care, and respect for its clients. I am the Activities Director for a Senior Living home in Wasilla Alaska. Tim and Melissa come once a month to help our seniors. They clean hearing aids, give advice, and help any way that they can. They know some of our patients cannot get out of bed and will even go into their apartments to help. Miracle-Ear is always very kind when they are in our facility. We truly appreciate all that they do for us. What a great asset to the community!

Dennis Boyer

Excellent service! Very informative consultants. I've been here four times, problem solving on two sets of hearing aids. Very helpful. Provided batteries for my hearing aids, and a full hearing exam was provided. My only complaint - I feel guilty because they never will allow me to pay for anything.

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Our Customer Stories

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