Customer Health Is Priority

Melissa's Miracle-Ear Story

Melissa Dolden is a Hearing Instrument Specialist at Miracle-Ear in Maplewood, MN.

“Bridget came into our center, complaining about sudden on-set hearing loss. She presented with a little pain, but nothing associated with the ears. After reviewing her medical history, I recognized a few red flags as her right ear had profound hearing loss but her left ear was within the normal level of hearing. I worked with Bridget to get an immediate appointment to an ENT- going so far as to help her schedule the appointment and making sure she had transportation to and from. After doing an MRI, the ENT discovered a brain aneurysm that wouldn’t have been found if it had ruptured. I helped Bridget advocate for her health and followed up with her as that’s our policy at Miracle-Ear, while hearing is important, we believe in taking the extra step to make sure clients understand how their hearing can be a symptom of a greater health issue. In our center, we practice the values of one-on-one attention and getting the right referral in the right amount of time. Bridget is in better health now, and I’m proud to be a part of her hearing journey.”