Cory's Miracle-Ear Foundation Story

Published on Dec, 12, 2017

Cory Popelka is a Miracle-Ear franchise owner with over 25 Miracle-Ear centers in Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. He has strived to create a culture within his organization that fosters innovation and creativity in their charitable support of the Miracle-Ear Foundation. The close-knit team has organized eight unique fundraisers in their community over the last year, including events ranging from garage sales, a bowling fundraiser, a silent auction, cookbook and calendar sales, a karate fundraiser, and more!

The philanthropy begins with Cory. While he has always been a supporter of the Miracle-Ear Foundation, the desire to give back to those in need became much stronger after he went through a challenging life event. In 2010, Cory’s wife delivered triplets who needed extra medical care and spent nearly six months in the hospital after birth. “A lot of people stepped up when we needed help. I wanted to give back and this was the right avenue,” says Cory of his team’s efforts in support of the Miracle-Ear Foundation.


A lot of people stepped up when we needed help. I wanted to give back and this was the right avenue

Several times a year, Cory makes a point to talk to his staff about the importance of the Miracle-Ear Foundation. Cory keeps his Miracle-Ear Franchise team motivated with his knowledge and passion, and they’ve taken the message to heart, organizing many successful events. “It’s something the group takes pride in. Our goal is to raise $10,000 this year,” Cory says.

Outside of the team fundraising, Cory has supported the Miracle-Ear Foundation as a Hearing Care Professional, first fitting Miracle-Ear Foundation recipients with hearing aids in 2004.

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