Myridith's Miracle-Ear Foundation Story

Published on Sep, 02, 2020

Hearing aids for childhood hearing loss

Myridith Covil lost much of her hearing at the time of her birth, leaving her almost completely deaf in both ears. “She didn’t pass any of the hearing tests in the hospital,” said her father, Joseph. She has passed hearing tests since then, but Joseph knew that Myridith still struggled with her hearing; he just didn’t know how much.

Now seven years old, Myridith loves reading books and learning, but due to her childhood hearing loss, she was struggling in school.  Over the years, Myridith had learned to read lips to cope with her hearing loss, but for her, that wasn’t enough. She finally confided in her father recently, telling him, “Dad, I want to be able to hear like everyone else.”

Joseph was shaken by the admission from Myridith; he wanted so much to help her but knew that they could not afford hearing aids.  After exhausting other resources, they were relieved when they discovered the Miracle-Ear Foundation, and soon Myridith was approved to receive a free pair of hearing aids to treat her childhood hearing loss.

After being fit with Miracle-Ear hearing aids, Myridith now has near perfect hearing for the first time in her life. “I can hear like everybody else,” she said.

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