Robert's Miracle-Ear Foundation Story

Published on Jan, 08, 2018

44-year-old Robert Wilson lives on a single income with his wife and five children and also suffers from multiple sclerosis. Due to his health, he has to take a leave of absence occasionally from his full-time career as a nurse. Robert provides emotional support to patients with mental disabilities and it is vital for him to connect with them as well as with his children as they grow up.

Over the past couple of years, Robert has had trouble understanding his wife and children’s voices. He also notices increased difficulty in performing his work duties due to his inability to understand speech. Robert knew he had hearing loss, but he also knew that he would be unable to afford the necessary treatment.

Robert went online in search of help and discovered the Miracle-Ear Foundation.  He then contacted the local Miracle-Ear office for a free hearing consultation in The Villages, Florida. Krystal Broy, a National Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist, tested Robert and confirmed that he had a moderately severe hearing loss.  After listening to his story and understanding his circumstances, Krystal and her office manager Karin wasted no time assisting Robert with the submission of an application for the Miracle-Ear Foundation.

Robert received his "gift of sound" on November 16, 2017.  Robert is overjoyed that he can now understand his wife and his children.

About the Miracle-Ear Foundation

Local Miracle-Ear business owner Pat Curry and his staff have made a commitment to support the Miracle-Ear Foundation, a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization.  Established in 1990, the Miracle-Ear Foundation was created to enhance the life experiences of families and individuals of limited means through the gift of sound.  To date, the Miracle-Ear Foundation working with Miracle-Ear centers across the country has donated more than 13,000 hearing aids to over 7,500 individuals nationwide.

“We know that hearing loss lowers the quality of life for individuals at any age,” said Curry. “When hearing loss goes undetected, it can lead to social isolation and strained relationships. That is why the staff at all 80 of our Miracle-Ear locations are happy to donate resources and time to enhance the lives of others within our community.”

A couple with BTE hearing aids looking at the mirror

Give the Gift of Sound

Today, more than 7 million Americans who need hearing aids cannot afford them. Help others hear by making a tax-deductible donation to the Miracle-Ear Foundation® today. Every dollar counts. And every dollar we receive supports our program to provide hearing aids for people in your community who have no resources for their hearing health.

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