Ron's Miracle-Ear Foundation Story

Published on Aug, 23, 2018

Teaching students the importance of hearing health

Ron White is a Miracle-Ear franchise owner, with six full-time Miracle-Ear centers in Alabama. He served as the Transportation Supervisor for Enterprise, Alabama City Schools for 13 years prior to becoming a Miracle-Ear business owner. “Being part of the school system, I noticed so many kids wearing headphones with music playing at a very loud volume. Being in hearing health care, I understood the long-term impact that would have on their hearing,” said Ron.

This led Ron to work with the Science and Health teachers at the local school to develop an assignment for students that would highlight the profound consequences of causing damage to their hearing. In conjunction with the One Day Without Sound initiative, an effort co-founded by the Miracle-Ear Foundation, students were tasked with wearing noise-reduction earplugs for 24 hours to experience daily life with their ability to hear greatly diminished.

Over 50% of students successfully completed the challenge, hopefully gaining an appreciation for the effect that permanent hearing loss or damage would have on their lives.

Taking one day to recognize how difficult it is to have a hearing impairment gives students a chance to consider the ways they take care of their hearing throughout the year in all types of potentially harmful listening situations. Ron plans to continue raising awareness of the issue by repeating the assignment at Enterprise City schools next year with a new group of students.

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