Dennis’s Miracle-Ear Story

As a Miracle-Ear hearing care specialist in Minnesota, Dennis Potabenko enjoys getting to know the person behind the hearing loss so he can provide the best and most personalized care for each patient.

When Dennis holds a hearing aid in his hand, he doesn’t just see a medical device; he sees a powerful solution to his patients’ needs. “It’s really not the device itself—it’s what it offers them,” he says. “It’s the solution to their problems, to their needs that they’re missing in their life.”

In order to provide the best care for each person that walks through the door, Dennis truly enjoys sitting down with each customer and getting to know their lifestyle and needs. “We’ll talk about their past history, what they used to do [or currently do] for a living…kind of get to know them,” he says.

He’s often inspired by his patients’ touching stories of transformation and joy. He remembers one patient in particular—a father who came in to get hearing aids after realizing he couldn’t hear his own toddler talking to him. “Once we fit him with hearing aids,” Dennis says, “the next day I called him and he was crying over the phone, saying, ‘I can hear what she’s saying.’”

“It’s not a hearing loss—it’s a person sitting in front of me that I try to get to know on a personal level.”

Hearing Aid Testimonial

Meet a Customer: Barb

As a new grandmother who’s active outdoors and with her church, Barb loves all the wonderful sounds she’s able to enjoy again, thanks to hearing aids.

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