Dickie's Miracle-Ear Story

Miracle-Ear Franchisee from Lafayette, LA

Dickie and Carmen Billedeaux of Layfette, Louisiana had been independent business owners for 12 years and converted their business to Miracle-Ear® in 2011. They felt that owning a franchise by partnering with Miracle-Ear was a better opportunity to serve the community.

“My husband is very innovative in his ideas about the hearing aid industry. So is Miracle-Ear. They’ve made a path for him,” says Carmen.

“You have instant notoriety, brand recognition, and trust with the Miracle-Ear name. We had people stop by and say, ‘I’m so glad Miracle-Ear is here!' Nobody else is doing what Miracle-Ear is doing. As an independent, I knew I didn’t want to compete against Miracle-Ear,” he laughs. “We decided to move forward and be successful together.”

“It has been fantastic to know we made the right decision.”