Enhancing a Career

Michael's Miracle-Ear Story

An emergency room physician and general surgeon, Michael has a progressive, lifelong hearing problem. Yet, to function in his professional role, he must hear well and communicate clearly with patients. 

Michael chose Miracle-Ear® hearing aids over 12 years ago, and he has relied on them ever since. “I was looking for a hearing brand that could best manage my progressive decreasing hearing loss, both conductive and sensorineural” he says. “I wanted the most current, updated technology.

“I am very pleased with the overall results and partnership from Miracle-Ear.


"Miracle-Ear has given me sounds I never heard before: rain beating on the roof, the percussion of cymbals, the ticking of a wall clock. I think the Miracle-Ear device is the closest example of a modern-day miracle."


“Knowing that my Miracle-Ear hearing aid can be adjusted is very helpful as I experience further hearing loss. 

“My Miracle-Ear treatment has been outstanding: a caring, committed staff and a friendly atmosphere.”