Rosemary's Gift of Sound

For the last 40 years, Rosemary Abram has lived without most of her hearing. Diagnosed with severe to profound hearing loss in both ears; she hears nothing out of one ear, and very little out of the other. Prior to receiving hearing aids from the Miracle-Ear Foundation, when Rosemary would hear people speak, it would sound like a gargling noise. 

For Rosemary, this meant that she couldn’t hear when her three grandchildren tried to speak to her, and it was easy for them to play pranks on her because of her poor hearing.  Her friend also recalls that it was difficult to carry on conversations with her, “I had to pat her on the arm… ‘Didn’t you hear me? I was trying to ask you a question.’” Rosemary just carried on without hearing any of it.

But since Rosemary received hearing aids through the Miracle-Ear Foundation, much has changed for her.  After hearing for the first time in more than four decades, Rosemary says of her regained hearing, “I love it!”

Rosemary’s friends and family can now communicate with her more effectively, and her grandchildren can no longer trick her so easily.  She playfully warns them, “Don’t try to get one over on me now!”