Shelly's Miracle-Ear Story

Shelly is a Miracle-Ear customer living in Minnesota. An active grandma, traveler and square-dancer, Shelly loves savoring all the sounds of her busy lifestyle—thanks to her Miracle-Ear hearing aids.

When it comes to life, one could say that Shelly’s dancing on air: the active retiree loves square dancing across the country (and world) with her husband—a pastime she calls their “secret getaway.”

She’s been a hearing aid customer for 20 years, but it wasn’t until switching to Miracle-Ear hearing aids that she truly came to reap their life-changing benefits. “The technology has improved. Miracle-Ear has it down so well, that now I’m enjoying all these things that I had stopped doing in my life. And they’re back!” Shelly says.

Shelly wears Miracle-Ear’s rechargeable hearing aids, which she loves: “Man, is that convenient. No more batteries, no more running out of batteries,” she says. “And not only are they not really detectable, they’re comfortable.”

While she’s been happy with many aspects of the Miracle-Ear experience, Shelly’s favorite part has been the follow-up service: “You’re constantly coached and assessed for how you’re doing. That’s all complimentary as part of the purchase, and above and beyond any place I’ve ever been,” she says.

"I’ll never know what I missed, but I know what I would miss now: I would miss the giggles of little Lauren, my granddaughter.”

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Previously a nurse and health coach, Taiha chose to become a hearing aid provider to help people on a more personal and profound level.


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