Wesley's Miracle-Ear Story

Miracle-Ear Franchisee from Roswell, NM

Wesley and Kelli Miller from Roswell, New Mexico had been in business for many years when they converted to Miracle-Ear in 2012.

“We determined it was the right choice to make. A Miracle-Ear Franchise allowed us to maintain our own independence, but have the support of a large, viable organization,” says Wesley.

“The online training allowed us to immediately get our front line staff trained,” says Kelli.

Wesley also found the initial Miracle-Ear training and support substantive and helpful: “This has been the best training from a business owner’s standpoint that I’ve ever had — in a quarter century.

“There is no way that we would be able to provide this kind of training for our staff that certifies them not just in the Miracle-Ear system, but in the hearing field,” he says.

The Millers recently hired a new dispenser, and communicated this to their Miracle-Ear colleagues. “Within one day of the hire, we received, in overnight mail, a comprehensive Miracle-Ear training guide,” says Wesley.

The Millers have advice for those considering a franchise opportunity: “Just do it. You’re in good hands,” says Wesley.

“We felt that Miracle-Ear was the perfect match for our long-term viable goals,” says Kelli.