How to Troubleshoot Hearing Aid Problems

Solutions for Three Common Problems with Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are amazing pieces of technology—except when they’re not working properly. Here’s how to troubleshoot common hearing aid problems. It’s easier than you think!

Issue #1: No Sound

If your hearing aid isn’t producing any sound, first check to make sure it’s turned on. (Don’t worry—it happens a lot!) Next, remove any ear wax or debris that may be clogging the device, then double-check the volume control to see if it’s turned off or set to mute. You can also try replacing or recharging the battery.

Issue #2: Soft or Distorted Sound

If the sound is soft or distorted, first check the volume and batteries, then check the hearing aid for any wax or debris. Also, make sure you are in the correct program—this can sometimes fix the sound.

Issue #3: Whistling or Buzzing

If you hear a buzzing noise or whistling in your hearing aid, try removing your hearing aid, then putting it back in—it may not have been properly placed. Next, remove any earwax or debris from the hearing aid. You can also check whether the telecoil setting was accidentally turned—or kept—on.

If you’re still experiencing issues with your hearing aid, don’t worry. Visit a hearing care specialist at any Miracle-Ear location and we’ll be happy to help.

Hearing Aid Cleaning and Care

Care For Your Hearing Aids

Many issues arise from hearing aids not being properly cleaned or taken care of. We've put together some simple steps for you to make hearing aid cleaning and care part of your everyday routine.
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