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Location in Winchester, VA

Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center Winchester, VA

Map view of location at 3111 Valley Ave. Unit 112-C Winchester, VA 22601

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3111 Valley Ave.
Unit 112-C
Winchester, VA 22601

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Mon 9:00am - 5:00pm
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Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in Winchester, VA

If hearing loss is keeping you from fully experiencing the voices of loved ones or staying on top of your job, Miracle-Ear® is here to help. At our hearing aid center in Winchester, our experienced hearing care specialists will help you find a solution that suits your lifestyle. Come in today and discover why we're America's most recognized hearing aid brand.

Hear the Difference

At Miracle-Ear, you can experience the individual attention you expect from a locally owned business and the trusted service of a brand with over 1,200 locations nationwide. Our discrete, high-quality products feature clear sound, long battery life, and premium features designed to give you maximum control over your hearing aid.

Cutting-edge technology like GENIUS™ Technology adapts to changing acoustic environments, letting you focus on sounds in any direction while reducing unwanted noise from wind. The GENIUScontrol app* lets you make adjustments with just a few taps.

The Right Fit for Your Needs

Our brand has over 65 years of experience with finding the ideal solutions for customers. We can assess your needs with a free hearing test** and help you choose a size, style, and shape that works for you. We carry styles like:

  • Behind-The-Ear models
  • Open-fit Behind-The-Ear models
  • In-The-Canal models
  • In-The-Ear products

Different styles are suited to different levels of hearing loss and personal comfort, and our risk-free, 30-day trial lets you make sure you have the perfect fit. You can even choose models with features like Bluetooth® connectivity and rechargeable batteries.

The Miracle-Ear Experience in Winchester, VA

Miracle-Ear proudly provides hearing aids in Winchester, VA. Whether you've just learned that you need a hearing aid or you're looking for a model that delivers better results, our hearing care specialists are ready to deliver services like fittings, repairs, and complimentary checkups to ensure you're getting the most from your hearing aid. Call today to discover and experience the Miracle-Ear® Advantage.

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Charlie Coleman - Hearing Instrument Specialist, HIS

Profile Photo of Charlie  Coleman - Hearing Instrument Specialist, HIS

I'm excited to be a healthcare professional with the most recognized hearing care provider in the industry. Every day, I am proudly committed to educating our clients about the Miracle-Ear advantage and help people reconnect with their families and friends.

As a prior engineering professional, manager and business owner, I appreciate and embrace the leading edge technology, reliability, and variety of products available to meet the needs of our clients. To hear a grandmother gush about hearing her two-year-old granddaughter's voice and whisper for the first time illustrates the "Miracle" in Miracle-Ear. Being able to hear again is not only rewarding to my clients, it is rewarding to me personally.

I invite you to accept my offer of a complimentary, comprehensive hearing evaluation. Why should you not hear better and fully participate in your life? I look forward to meeting you soon.

Terry Agrella - Certified Front Office Associate

Profile Photo of Terry Agrella - Certified Front Office Associate

As a Front Office Associate, I handle the day-to-day tasks efficiently, resulting in a well-functioning office. I consider myself having a friendly, helpful disposition and a smile for everyone who enters our office. The best part of the position is the gratification that our clients receive from our services.

Andi Campbell - Front Office Associate

Profile Photo of Andi Campbell - Front Office Associate

I have years of experience and a life-long passion for customer service. It is so rewarding to see the heart-warming smile on a client's face as they describe how well they can hear with their new hearing aids. I love the interaction with our clients and enjoy serving them.

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Miracle-Ear Reviews

If you were happy with our service please leave us a positive review on any one of these sites by clicking the link and logging into your account.

We hear positive feedback every day about how our technology changes the lives of our customers. We know that choosing the right hearing aid is an important decision. Here is what some of our customers have to say about their Miracle-Ear experience:

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  • State-of-the-art video ear exam
  • Tests to measure response to sounds and spoken words
  • Personal consultation

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