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In-the-Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

In-the-ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

Comfortable and discreet

In-the-ear hearing aids are the most discreet of any hearing aid style and sit comfortably in the ear canal.


Live your life

Are you active or on-the-go a lot? Miracle-Ear’s ITE hearing aids are custom molded for your ear, helping them stay securely in place—even if you don’t.
Mother with invisible hearing aid and her daughter gardening


Convenient and comfortable

It can take just 10 minutes to take the impression of your ears for perfectly fitting hearing aids. Your audiologist uses earmolds to create your custom-made hearing aids. This ensures the finished aids are an exact match for the contours of your ears, making them extremely comfortable.
Nearly invisible ITE hearing aids

Advanced features

Cutting edge technology

Just because these hearing devices are small, that doesn't mean they lack in features or functionality. You can find directional microphones, noise reduction, own voice recognition and much more.
Grandfather and grandson watching a football match on tv

Find the perfect solution for you

The right combination of hearing aid style and features will allow you to hear your best days.

Man and woman with hearing aid making a videocall with their tablet


Stay connected to your world.

Rechargeable hearing aid in its charger


Say goodbye to batteries.

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Everyday features for you.


Custom hearing solutions

ITE hearing aids are composed of a single plastic shell case that contains all the aid’s parts. The user doesn’t wear anything behind the ear with this style: the user simply inserts the hearing aid into the ear. To ensure a perfect fit, ITE aids are typically custom made based on an impression of the wearer’s ear and ear canal customization means that ITE nearly Invisible hearing aids are usually very comfortable to wear.

Custom-fit CIC hearing aid

3 Reasons to Love Custom-Fit Hearing Aids

Learn why hearing aid wearers love this discreet and comfortable hearing aid style.

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