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The Miracle-Ear Foundation

Enhancing lives through the Gift of Sound™

What is the Miracle-Ear Foundation?

Rooted in a commitment to helping people live and hear more fully, the Miracle-Ear Foundation was established in 1990 offering the Gift of Sound to those in need. The Miracle-Ear Foundation's Gift of Sound hearing aid program is designed to meet the needs of people who otherwise would not be able to afford hearing health solutions. 

What is the Gift of Sound™?

The Gift of Sound is more than just a pair of free hearing aids—it's an opportunity to reconnect with the world. Working with a Hearing Care Professional at their nearest Miracle-Ear location, recipients of the Gift of Sound are fitted with hearing devices that meet their specific needs.

The relationship doesn't end there—Gift of Sound recipients get the same 3-year warranty as traditional customers, as well as the free aftercare and check-ins that are part of the Miracle-Ear Advantage. But for Gift of Sound recipients, being fitted with hearing aids means more than simply receiving medical care. It means reconnecting with loved ones, enjoying the world around them and communicating with ease.

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Start hearing again

By applying for the program at their local Miracle-Ear center or receiving hearing aids during Miracle Mission events held in their communities, more people with hearing loss are able to overcome the obstacles that stand between them and all the sounds they've been missing.

What are Miracle Missions?

To bring the Gift of Sound to even more people, Miracle-Ear holds Miracle Missions in locations throughout the United States. These events are designed to serve communities where there is a significant need for hearing health care, and in just one day, as many as 100 people are fitted with hearing aids and given the Gift of Sound. Miracle Missions are incredible experiences for all involved, from the Hearing Care Providers and staff who volunteer, to the recipients whose lives are changed when they begin to hear their world again. Learn more here.

For more than 30 years, the Miracle-Ear Foundation has—with the help of Miracle-Ear customers like you—shared the Gift of Sound™ with people in need. Learn more.

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Who qualifies for free hearing aids?

The Gift of Sound program offers hearing aids and support services at no cost [1] to people who meet eligibility requirements, and who are unable to use other available resources . These requirements are designed to match hearing solutions with the people who need them most. 

How do I get started?

First, it’s important to understand the state of your hearing. Schedule a free appointment with a Hearing Care Professional who can assess your hearing needs. Then, explore the eligibility requirements and see if you qualify—your HCP can also help you review the requirements. If you have determined that you are eligible and want to begin the process, you can contact your local Miracle-Ear for assistance or start the Miracle-Ear Foundation application here .

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Wade's Gift of Sound™ Story

Gift of Sound Recipient Wade felt he was missing out on important conversations with loved ones due to his hearing loss.

Learn how the Miracle-Ear Foundation is changing lives and reconnecting individuals with the world around them.

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The Miracle-Ear Advantage supports the Foundation

When you purchase hearing aids from Miracle-Ear, you aren't the only one who benefits from better hearing. Part of the cost of every hearing aid sold goes to the Miracle-Ear Foundation to help someone in need. Learn more about our commitment to sharing the ability to hear and the Miracle-Ear Advantage.

How you can help the Miracle-Ear Foundation

When you've felt the effects that better hearing can have on your life, it's only natural that you want to help others experience the same. Help connect people in need with hearing aids by making a tax-deductible donation to the Miracle-Ear Foundation today. No matter the donation amount, every dollar received contributes to the Miracle-Ear Foundation's efforts to provide much-needed hearing health solutions. Learn more about our commitment to sharing the ability to hear and the Miracle-Ear Advantage.

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