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Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Meet our Miracle-Ear GENIUS™ 5.0 and Miracle-EarAVAIL™ Technology

Our best technology ever

Breakthroughs in modern technology allow hearing aids to increasingly grow more advanced, packing a variety of digital features into a tiny and powerful device. At Miracle-Ear, we continue to innovate and design a range of hearing aids that bring you the most natural, comfortable, and convenient hearing experience.

Meet our GENIUS™ 5.0 technology

GENIUS™ 5.0 provides the most natural listening experience with an innovative approach to sound transmission, sound detection, feedback cancellation and speech clarity. Our cutting-edge technology changes how you hear speech in busy environments so you can hear what matters most to you. 

Enjoy a personalized hearing experience with features designed with you in mind. Our binaural hearing system works seamlessly with our 360° microphone to ensure you can clearly hear speech and easily determine where it came from. 
Our intuitive sound processing adjusts to find the optimal balance between sounds in front of and all around you. Our GENIUS™ 5.0 technology simultaneously cancels feedback between the ears and removes background noise for a more natural listening experience. It responds to your movements and changes in your environment to deliver natural sound and speech from any direction, in any situation.

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Integrated motion sensors make it easier to hear in every situation by recognizing changes in your movement to adjust settings and make it easier for you to hear as you are on the move. Now, when walking or running, the hearing aid itself senses what you're doing to deliver a hearing experience that fits your surroundings.

In addition, our voice recognition technology can separate the wearer's own voice from other speech and noise for a natural sound. This advanced technology processes your voice separately from other noises, helping you to adjust more quickly to wearing hearing aids. Lastly, our latest technology level offers direct streaming for both iOS and ASHA compatible Android smartphones.

Meet our Miracle-EarAVAIL™ technology

Miracle-EarAVAIL™ hearing aids are expertly designed in the United States, handcrafted and personalized for your customer’s unique ear to provide exceptional sound quality.

Personalization and custom craftsmanship have led to a seamless hearing experience. Customers now have a range of hearing aid style options that fit into their unique lifestyles, including our custom ITE hearing aids and molds handcrafted for the most comfortable fit.

From our smallest to our most powerful, customers will experience realistic and genuine sound quality in every listening environment without the need to do anything extra.

  • M-E Mode™ allows you to simply double-tap your device to automatically adjust your hearing aid to your environment. 
  • Custom Tinnitus +™ tool allows your hearing care professional to  personalize your tinnitus settings for you.
  • 24 Band Technology expanded options to personalize each device to fit each person's unique hearing needs.
  • Direct Streaming available for iOS® and Android™ in every product family.

Overcome hearing limits

It’s essential to feel connected to the world around you, but masks and social distancing are a barrier for hearing aid wearers. Miracle-Ear® created their custom hearing aid program Mask Mode to improve understanding in these difficult situations.

Streaming options available in every hearing aid family!

Miracle-Ear now offers streaming options in every family! Whether you want a small and discrete MEMINI™, a rechargeable MEENERGY™, or anything in between, you can now ask your Hearing Care Professional about your connectivity options. Streaming is available for Apple and Android devices on our MiracleEarAVAIL™ and Miracle-EarGENIUS™ 5.0 platforms, talk to your provider to learn more.

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The benefits of digital hearing aids

Hearing aids do so much more than simply help you hear. They connect you to the people and things you love: dinner with friends, music, theater, holidays with family, golf and the list goes on. We offer hearing solutions tailored to your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.

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1 Høydal, E. H. (2017). A new own voice processing system for optimizing communication. Hearing Review, 24 (11), 20-22.

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