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Your first step to better hearing is only a click away. In less than five minutes you'll have a better understanding of your hearing health. Start the online hearing test Book an appointment Only a hearing test performed by a qualified hearing care professional can provide you with a precise profile of your hearing ability. This test is not intended to replace a professional hearing test from a qualified hearing care professional.

About the online hearing test

If you suspect you may be experiencing hearing loss, our online hearing test can help you understand if your ears are able to hear high frequency and low frequency tones and decide if you need to seek professional help. Here’s how it works.

The Miracle-Ear online hearing test will take less than five minutes, and gives you a score out of ten at the end to indicate the quality of your hearing. All you need is a pair of headphones with the sound adjusted to the level you’re usually comfortable with. To help with this, use the audio listening tool you’re presented with before you start the test. Tweak the sound level until you can hear the voice comfortably and clearly. For the most precise results, we recommend you don’t use your computer speakers.

During the hearing test, you'll be presented with six sound clips depicting everyday scenarios, such as people talking in a busy bar or somebody asking for directions in the street. At the end of the clip, you will be asked a question about what you’ve just heard and must pick from four options. Once you’ve answered the six questions, you will be given a score out of ten and a recommendation based on your results.

If you want to make a complete hearing aid assessment you can visit our centers and talk with our hearing-health professionals.

The 3-minute hearing test can be carried out with any device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone). Since the quality of the built-in speakers is important, we recommend using headphones in addition to a quiet environment. Please note that when completing the online hearing test with a mobile phone, the volume can only be adjusted using the volume buttons on the device.

Understood? Then you should make sure to set a comfortable volume before the test.

Tip: If you suspect hearing loss in only one ear, you can also carry out the online hearing test with one ear using in-ear headphones.

When taking a free hearing test online, it’s important to remember its limitations. While today’s technology is advanced, online tests are only to be used as a general indication of hearing loss. If your results indicate you may be experiencing hearing loss, you should seek an assessment from a qualified hearing care professional.

Booking a free hearing evaluation with a professional is easy and can be done online.

What to expect from an online hearing test

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Learn what an online hearing test can tell you

Free online hearing tests are an easy introduction to hearing health. They’re quick, they can be done from home and they don’t cost you a thing in effort or money. Watch our video to learn more.

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Online Hearing Test FAQs

Our online hearing test measures the sensitivity of your hearing in the different ranges of speech, from low to high frequencies.

The test allows us to establish if the you are able to identify different tones, even in noisy contexts that make listening more difficult even for people not suffering from hearing loss.

The results do not replace an official diagnosis, but can be a useful first indication of your hearing situation.

If further investigation is needed, you can schedule an appointment with a Miracle-Ear hearing care professional who will carry out a complete audiogram.

Your hearing health is essential, especially if you are frequently exposed to loud sound sources. Taking a hearing test can help you identify any hearing problems before they start affecting your quality of life.

Hearing loss can lead to a variety of mental, social and emotional problems if not treated properly.

It can also lead to cognitive impairment as certain parts of the brain tend to deteriorate without auditory stimulation. To compensate for sound gaps, the brain tends to strain itself and this causes concentration problems and tiredness, which can then lead to anxiety and even depression.

Yes, Miracle-Ear's free online hearing test can be taken anywhere. All you need is a device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone) and less than 5 minutes of your time!

Miracle-Ear's online hearing test is ideal as you'll receive an initial assessment of your hearing ability in real time. You can take the test easily from home and then receive a detailed evaluation of your hearing ability. So if you've taken an online hearing test and the result indicates you have hearing loss, then a visit to your Miracle-Ear hearing care professional is the next step. 
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