Exercising with Hearing Aids

Three Easy Tips for Exercising with Hearing Aids

People often wonder whether they can wear hearing aids when they exercise. The answer is yes! Today’s hearing aids are designed to keep you doing the things you love—including breaking a sweat. Hearing aids can also boost communication, safety and fun during your favorite activities. 

Here are three tips for caring for your hearing aids during and after a workout

Tip #1: Minimize Moisture

During exercise, the biggest thing to watch out for is excessive moisture or perspiration—which can damage your hearing aid and invite bacteria growth. While Miracle-Ear hearing aids are designed to repel moisture, you can also wear a sweatband or sleeve specifically made for hearing aids.

Tip #2: Prevent Loss

If you’re worried about dropping your hearing aid while working out, you can use a cord with clip-on to secure it to your clothing. These can often be purchased in conjunction with a hearing aid sleeve.

Tip #3: Make a Post-Workout Plan

After each workout, wipe down your hearing aids and use an air blower to remove moisture and debris. At night, remove the batteries and leave the battery door open to air them out. For rechargeable hearing aids, the charger doubles as a dehumidifier.

Ask our specialists

If you have additional questions or concerns about exercising with hearing aids, ask your hearing care specialist at your next appointment. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you anytime.

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