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Discreet Hearing Aids

Discreet and nearly invisible hearing solutions

Small but mighty, our Miracle-EarMINI™ small hearing aid solutions are virtually unnoticeable while offering some of our most advanced features.


In-The-Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids
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In-The-Ear (ITE)

ITE hearing aids

Nearly invisible

These hearing aids are the most discreet of any hearing aid style.

Receiver In-Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids
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Receiver In-Canal (RIC)

RIC hearing aids

Superior sound quality

Receiver-in-canal hearing aids are suitable for all levels of loss and offer the best sound quality.

Ultimate discretion

Nearly invisible hearing aids

Our hearing aids are designed to be virtually unnoticeable. Many of our discreet options fit inside the ear. Not only will others not be able to see these small hearing aids, but you'll hardly be able to feel them yourself.
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Advanced technology

Offering the latest features

Small but mighty, our discreet hearing aids integrate seamlessly with your busy life thanks to advanced features such as directional microphones, Bluetooth connectivity and feedback cancellation. 
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Made for your ears

Many of our small hearing aids are designed specifically for your ears using custom earmolds. This provides a superior fit and makes them extremely comfortable. Just like everyone else, you won’t even know they're there.
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Designed to be heard, not seen

There’s a lot to love about discreet hearing devices. The small size makes them convenient to use, with the option to choose between a sleek silhouette or completely in-the-ear model. The barely noticeable exterior may be tiny, but even Miracle-Ear’s smallest hearing aids house advanced technology that picks up the sounds you want to hear while cutting out distracting background noise. These contemporary features make it easier than ever to hear in different situations and adjust to new sounds. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits.

The Miracle-EarMINI™: a discreet but powerful hearing aid that will allow you to appreciate every moment of life. With Miracle-Ear, it just takes a MINI change to make a huge difference.

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Benefits of small hearing aids

Keep the focus on you

Discreet devices keep the focus on you, not your hearing aids. In-the-ear hearing aids (ITE) are not just small hearing aids—they’re the most discreet model available, sitting in the ear with no external parts.

Receiver-in-canal (RIC) models are small behind-the-ear hearing aids which extend past the ear canal. These tiny hearing aids have a slender shell that goes behind the ear, along with a thin wire connected to a small, translucent ear dome. RICs are a wonderful option for nearly any type of hearing loss, providing excellent sound quality. Both models are discreet enough to go unnoticed, so you can choose the best hearing aid style for your needs.

Individualized fit for comfort

People get the most out of hearing aids when they wear them all day. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure the devices fit comfortably when considering different types of hearing aids.

Several styles of in-the-ear hearing devices are custom-fit. This means a mold is taken of the inside of your ear and the hearing device is created from that.

The result is a fit that’s so natural that you just might forget you’re even wearing a hearing aid.

Hear the speaker clearly

Have you ever tried to have a conversation during a loud concert or at a movie and struggled to hear? This experience is an example of how excessive background noise can make it hard to hear speech—often what we want to hear most.

For those with hearing loss, differentiating speech from background noise and other distracting sounds is more of a challenge than it is for others. This can make it difficult to fully understand conversations and engage in certain situations, such as in a crowd or at a restaurant. That’s why simply amplifying sounds won’t fix the problem—speech and non-speech need to be separated from one another. This is where directional microphones make a big difference.

Multiple microphones located in different parts of the hearing aid pick up sounds at slightly separate times, a process that allows the hearing aid to respond to sound correctly, facilitating the hearing aid user’s interpretation of speech. Hearing speech over background noise can really make a difference in everyday situations, whether that means improving quality time with loved ones or simply being able to have a better conversation at the grocery store.

Hear only what you want to hear

Hearing loss can often make noisy environments extra challenging, as loud noise can feel very uncomfortable. So, how do hearing aids work to solve this issue?

Like the name suggests, the noise reduction feature helps cut down on sounds that are loud and unpleasant. Similar to directional microphones, this technology improves speech interpretation, making it easier to hear what people say and ignore distracting background noise. Research shows that noise reduction systems can help improve noise tolerance and speech reception, while also easing listening effort, listening comfort, speech clarity and overall sound quality. In some cases, it can even decrease the energy spent listening to speech that’s part of the background noise.

The feature helps hearing aid users feel comfortable, regardless of a location’s peripheral noise. Wherever your day takes you, you can go seamlessly from one environment to the next.

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