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Tinnitus Treatment & Therapy Options

Find out how to get over of that annoying ringing.

What will fix my tinnitus? What are my options?

Do you experience ringing in your ears? While there’s currently no cure for tinnitus, Miracle-Ear hearing aids offer tinnitus treatment, featuring three types of tinnitus controls: static noise, ocean waves and Notch Therapy.  

Dr. Jason Meyer

Dr. Jason Meyer, Au.D.

Audiologist, Regional Training Manager

Tinnitus treatment can be found in a wide range of Miracle-Ear solutions and hearing aid styles, even our most discreet options. Our hearing aids for tinnitus features an added convenience: You can also use our free Miracle-Ear app to remotely and discreetly control your tinnitus program.

Types of tinnitus treatment and therapies

Static noise tinnitus therapy is designed to distract you from your tinnitus. By mixing a static sound with the tinnitus noise, this can help to divert your attention away from the tinnitus.
Miracle-Ear hearing aids for tinnitus have five types of pre-set static noise sounds so that, together with your hearing care specialist, you can customize this program to your needs to help you relax without the annoyance of tinnitus. 

Ocean waves tinnitus therapy is designed to create a soothing environment, like that of serene ocean waves. Miracle-Ear hearing aids for tinnitus offer four different ocean wave signals to choose from so you can find the one you find the most relaxing. Ocean waves are an alternative to static noise and can be a stress-free type of tinnitus treatment. Your hearing care specialist will work with you to find the signal that offers the most relief.

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Notch Therapy for tinnitus is a setting that can reduce the perception of tinnitus, without an audible signal like static noise or ocean waves.  The goal of Notch Therapy is to teach your brain, over the course of weeks or months of hearing aid use, to ignore the tinnitus sound. This type of tinnitus treatment is most effective for people who have tonal tinnitus, the most common type of tinnitus. Notch control is set up in the Miracle-Ear programming software by the hearing care specialist and the settings are fine-tuned with you to match the pitch of your tinnitus. This feature is available in our advanced technology hearing aids.

As with any tinnitus treatment plan, you should consult with a professional. Although tinnitus doesn't have a cure yet, Miracle-Ear hearing aids can function as a sound generator or, combined with the hearing aid microphone, offer tinnitus relief. Together with your hearing care specialist, you can determine what solution is best for you. 

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