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When seeking treatment for hearing loss, having an audiologist by your side is crucial. Audiologists are specialized health care professionals focused on hearing and balanced disorders. At Miracle-Ear, our team of audiologists work with hearing care specialists nationwide, offering expert guidance and care in optimizing hearing health. Whether it's selecting a hearing aid or accessing aftercare services, trust in the professional expertise of Miracle-Ear audiologists. 

thomas tedeschi

Thomas Tedeschi, Au.D.

Miracle-Ear Chief of Audiology and Regulatory Affairs

Thomas Tedeschi brings expertise from various industry areas, including hospitals and private practices, specializing in central auditory disorders and global training.

ann hennessy

Ann Hennessy, MS, CCC-A

Miracle-Ear franchise owner

Ann transitioned from clinical roles to owning a Miracle-Ear franchise in Florida, empowered by her passion for aural rehabilitation.

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brian hill

Brian Hill, MS, MBA, CCC/A, FAAA

Director of Professional Services and Training

Brian oversees Miracle-Ear's Services & Training in FL, NM, & TX. With 35 years in hearing healthcare, he's a global expert in hearing technology.

heather hellberg

Heather Hellberg, Au.D.

Miracle-Ear franchise owner

Heather is a Utah-based Miracle-Ear franchise owner who is passionate about enhancing lives through improved hearing.

hilary steele

Hilary Steele, Au.D.

Director of Professional Development at Miracle-Ear Florida

With 20+ years of experience as a clinician, educator and researcher, Hilary brings her expertise and knowledge to practitioners and improves their success treating hearing loss.

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jason meyer

Jason Meyer, Au.D.

Regional Training Manager

With 18+ years of experience, Jason serves as a Regional Training Manager at Miracle-Ear, drawing from personal hearing impairment to better relate to his patients.

michael joseph

Michael Joseph, B.Sc (Hons)

Associate Director of Audiology Excellence

Michael Joseph transitioned from public to private sector roles, specializing in operational excellence and customer service at Miracle-Ear.

victoria zambrano

Victoria Zambrano, Au.D.

Miracle-Ear Audiologist

Victoria is an audiologist located in Brooklyn, NY, boasting 16 years of expertise. With a passion for audiology, she prioritizes patient rehabilitation for impactful outcomes.

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About Miracle-Ear

With over 75 years of expertise and 1,500 locations nationwide, Miracle-Ear is committed to helping people with hearing loss. We offer hearing solutions for every lifestyle and budget, as well as free lifetime aftercare with every purchase.

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