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When you're ready to take control of your hearing loss and find a treatment that enhances your hearing and fits your lifestyle, you want an audiologist by your side. Audiologists are health care professionals who specialize in audiology, or the science of hearing and balance disorders. These experts are trained, licensed and accredited in dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hearing problems. This includes age-related hearing loss, auditory disorders and more.

At Miracle-Ear, our team of expert audiologists provides insight on hearing health, hearing loss and hearing aids.  They work with hearing care specialists in Miracle-Ear locations across the United States to ensure customers everywhere receive excellent guidance and care when it comes to optimizing their hearing health. Whether you are choosing a hearing aid for the first time or visiting one of our locations for our aftercare services, you can rely on professional, expert help led by Miracle-Ear audiologists. Learn more about our in-house audiologists.

Our audiologists

Thomas Tedeschi

Thomas Tedeschi

Audiologist, Chief Audiology Officer
Miracle-Ear executive Dr. Thomas Tedeschi offers advice on airplane ear, PSAPs, hearing aid repairs and more. Read more of his expert hearing advice today.

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Thomas Tedeschi

Hilary Steele

Audiologist, Director of Professional Development

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Miracle-Ear has 75 years of experience in creating hearing aid products and solutions.

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