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Miracle-Ear Expert: Heather Hellberg

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Miracle-Ear expert audiologists provide insight on hearing health, hearing loss and hearing aids.

Heather Hellberg

Heather Hellberg

Miracle-Ear Audiologist

Heather Hellberg her Master's Degree in Audiology in 1993 from Utah State University. Heather has been a Miracle-Ear Audiologist for over 12 years and is also a franchise owner in Utah.

Heather truly loves helping people enhance their lives by improving their hearing. She’s passionate about helping people live their lives fully. 


Take a look at articles written by expert audiologist Heather Hellberg.

hearing instrument specialist showing hearing test results to patient
Learn how to read an audiogram and what your hearing test results mean for your hearing health.

couple playing guitar
Listening with two ears is better than one. Learn about the benefits of binaural hearing.

BTE and RIC hearing aids
Take a look at three key differences between RIC and BTE hearing aid styles.

man walking outside wearing hearing aid
Get answers to common questions and concerns, from natural remedies to adjusting to a new device. 

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