Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Accessories

Technology to make your listening experience easier

Miracle-Ear® offers a broad catalog of hearing aid accessories designed to make your hearing aids function with Bluetooth® technology and work seamlessly for years to come.

MECHARGE™ fullpower Charger
MECHARGE™ fullpower

This charger offers comfort and charging on the go. It holds up to 3 full charges for a pair of MEENERGY™ RIC R AX hearing aids. A protective lid prevents dust from accumulating. 

MECHARGE™ start hearing aid charger


The MECHARGE™ start offers a small and highly reliable desktop charger and handles the basic charging needs to provide power to the MEENERGY™ RIC R AX hearing aids. The MECHARGE™ start uses a USB power adapter.

MECHARGE™ compact hearing aid charger

MECHARGE™ compact

The MECHARGE™ is the first contactless charger for custom hearing aids. No specific charging position is required - wearers place their MEENERGY™ IN Sync hearing aids in the charger as if it were a jewel case.

MECHARGE™ powerdry hearing aid charger
MECHARGE™ powerdry

This charger uses the latest technology, it not only charges the MEENERGY™ RIC R AX hearing aids but it can also clean and dry them to keep them in peak condition. 

Miracle-EarENERGY™ GO Charger

GO Charger

Miracle-EarENERGY™ GO Charger fits an active lifestyle, with fast-charging capabilities and convenient pocket-sized portability. Easily access enhanced hearing technology whenever and wherever it is needed.

Standard Charger

Stay charged for your active lifestyle. Our new charger for the rechargeable BTE P and SP hearing aids provide convenient, reliable charging so your hearing aids are always ready and can keep up with you throughout your day. 


Dry & Clean Charger

Dry & Clean chargers use UVC light to sanitize the ear molds and earware providing the convenience of charging, cleaning and drying all at the same time. This all-in-one design is easy to use and helps to reduce clutter on your counter or nightstand.

iRIC portable hearing aid charger

iRIC Charger

Our iRIC charger is small, modern and portable so you never have to worry about batteries or losing power. And it couldn’t be easier to use, simply drop the hearing aids in the case and take it with you wherever you go!

Lithium-ion battery hearing aid charger

ME Charge™ Inductive Charger

Compact and portable charger for our fully rechargeable lithium-ion hearing aids. It offers a quick-charge or full charge for all day use. Just drop the hearing aids in and the charger does the rest.

TV Streamer

Enjoy high quality sound from the television or other audio sources directly to your direct streaming hearing aids. The TV streamer connects to multiple wearers at the same time and you can personally adjust the volume to your own preferences.

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Audio clip hearing aid accessory

Audio Clip

Our Bluetooth® Audio Clip seamlessly connects hearing aids to smartphones and other Bluetooth®-enabled devices for hands-free streaming of phone calls, music and other audio. It also connects wearers to others when used as a remote mic.

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