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How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Hearing aids amplify and process sounds.

A hearing aid is a technological device that helps people live a higher quality life through better hearing and understanding. But how exactly do hearing aids work? 

Our line of hearing aids is specially created to amplify sounds selectively―helping to minimize background noise and improve the sounds and voices we most want to hear. The hearing aids are constantly processing all sound to minimize distractions and create clearer sounds, which are easier to understand. This device is programmed by your hearing care professional.

Dr. Jason Meyer

Dr. Jason Meyer, Au.D.

Audiologist, Regional Training Manager

Hearing Aid Parts

To understand how hearing aids work, it is important to have an understanding of the different parts of hearing aids. Let's take a look at the main components of a hearing aid.

Sound enters the hearing aid through an advanced microphone system. Most Miracle-Ear hearing solutions employ directional microphones, which focus on conversations and significantly improve speech understanding in the presence of noise.

The digital chip, also known as “the brain” of a hearing aid, analyzes and converts sound to deliver the optimal high definition digital sound quality. The digital chip utilizes various processes at the same time to create the best listening signal for each user.  The goal is to create an audible and comfortable listening environment and minimize unwanted background noise.

The built-in amplifier analyzes and boosts the sound from the digital signal processor. This is where wanted sounds, such as music or a loved one’s voice, are enhanced to provide a more natural listening experience.

The receiver (or speaker) sends the processed and enhanced sound into the ear canal. The adjustable earpiece is fully customizable to fit in the ear canal with complete comfort. Our most popular Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) model is versatile, discreet and can be personalized for your specific needs.

Many hearing aid models are powered by a zinc-air battery or NiMH rechargeable batteries. The battery door acts as an on/off switch for the hearing aid when simply opened or closed. A lot of today's hearing aids, however, are powered by lithium-ion batteries. This built-in power cell means you don't have to worry about changing batteries in your rechargeable hearing aids.

The rocker or program switch controls a hearing aid’s settings. It can be used in many ways such as adjusting volume, settings, or the focus of the directional microphones. The rocker switch provides control for the user who wants it but the hearing aid can be set up to function on its own with complete automation.  

Understand Hearing Aids - Infographic

Get a better understanding of how your hearing aid works with this simple infographic.

High quality hearing aids

At Miracle-Ear, we believe our hearing aids stand out in quality, reliability and warranty.* Each device comes with software that a certified hearing care professional will use to customize the hearing aid to your specific lifestyle and listening needs.

Because the ear-brain connection changes as you begin hearing new tones and sounds, we pay close attention and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your hearing aids are working perfectly to allow for easier listening.

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