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Hearing Aids Cost and Pricing Models

Why do they cost so much?

The big picture of hearing aid prices

It’s no secret: hearing aids are not cheap. The average hearing aid price falls between $1,000 to $5,000. But, when you break down those dollars, the cost of these tiny pieces of technology is more reasonable than it may seem at first glance. The daily cost of two hearing aids is $1 to $7 per day, based on a 3- to 5-year lifespan.

When you factor in both the immediate and long-term benefits of a quality hearing device and enhanced hearing health, such as better communication with loved ones, improved brain function, more positive work performance and boosted mental and emotional wellbeing, hearing aid prices are well worth it. 

What determines hearing aid price?

Just like other medical devices and decisions, hearing aids are an investment in your overall health. As such, it’s critical to understand how they are priced, and how they will improve your everyday life.

Many factors that determine hearing aid prices, from the device quality to the professional care to the features that help your hearing aid easily fit into your lifestyle. While a lower-cost hearing solution may be appealing, it's important to balance the price vs. health benefits.

Arguably, the most important component of your hearing aid purchase is the selection of the correct hearing device and the fitting of that device to your specific hearing needs. This experience is improved drastically when working with a professional and licensed hearing care professional, which you won’t receive with all hearing aid retailers. Although this service may seem to increase the already significant hearing aid cost, getting the most out of your hearing aids is worth this additional investment. This is because a hearing aid that isn't properly fitted to your ear or cared for long-term may not actually help with your hearing and could potentially negatively impact your hearing further.

Our hearing is always changing. It’s important to keep a close relationship with your hearing care professional so you can make necessary adjustments to your hearing aid and ensure it’s always meeting your changing needs.

Many hearing aid providers, like Miracle-Ear, include lifetime aftercare in the original price of the hearing aids. Aftercare is essential to maintain the quality and fit of your device, ensuring you get the most out of every dollar you spend. This lifetime commitment to your hearing health includes:

  • Testing – testing of all hearing aid components for proper functioning
  • Cleanings – thorough cleaning of each hearing aid
  • Fittings – fitting checks and adjustments
  • Inspections – ear inspections to check for earwax buildup
  • Repairs – minor repairs of hearing aid components
  • Annual Exam – free hearing evaluation every year

*Miracle-Ear® lifetime aftercare not included with hearing aids purchased utilizing some insurance benefits.

Another factor in hearing aid cost is the level of technology. As you might expect, the more advanced features included in your device, the higher the price tag will be. These features are what make your hearing aid a seamless part of your life and can vastly improve your hearing experience. Technological additions that can impact your hearing aid price include:

  • Rechargeability
  • Direct streaming
  • Tinnitus control
  • Voice recognition
  • Directional microphones

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High quality hearing aids

Why invest in high-quality hearing aids?

You deserve to get the most out of your hearing aids. Watch the video above to see why it's worth investing in high-quality hearing aids and a relationship with a hearing care professional.

High-quality hearing aids use the latest technology to provide many advanced features, like speech isolation, voice recognition, binaural direct streaming, tinnitus control and rechargeability. These additions can help make using hearing aids more convenient, improve sound quality, and can give you a better hearing experience overall.

In addition, no two people's ears, hearing needs or lifestyles are the same. While it may mean a higher price, investing in high-quality hearing aids means your solution will be completely customized to you, both in the fit of the device itself as well as the programming of the software to meet your unique needs.

Finally, it’s quite common that hearing aids will need regular adjustments and even repairs. Purchasing a high-quality hearing device ensures you will have a relationship with a hearing care professional for all of your aftercare needs. If you purchase a PSAP or another low-quality hearing or amplification device, you will not receive this comprehensive service.

Lorraine and her husband on the couch

Lorraine, Miracle-Ear Customer

"Miracle-Ear is worth every penny, you can never put a cost on the ability to live your life freely"

Financing and insurance options

Recognizing the critical role hearing plays in overall health, many health insurance companies now provide benefits on hearing aids and services.  At Miracle-Ear, we accept most major insurance plans at our 1,500 locations, and financing options are available for those seeking the right hearing solution within their budget. 

Many health insurance companies recognize that hearing is important to your overall health, and now provide hearing care benefits to their members. Hearing care benefits can cover up to 100% of the cost of hearing aids and services. Your employer benefit packages may also include an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) that allow you to save up to $2,500 tax-free each year for healthcare costs such as hearing aids.

At Miracle-Ear, we accept most major insurance plans at many of our 1,500 locations. With so many plans and carriers, we recommend calling the location near you to verify your coverage and get answers for any questions you may have.

If we do not accept your insurance, not to worry, we will never let you go without the care that you may need.

It’s important that together we find the right hearing solution for your specific needs. We offer hearing aids for every budget, and financing options are available at many of our locations. Certain credit companies also specialize in healthcare financing. Ask if your hearing care professional accepts or can recommend credit options like CareCredit or Wells Fargo Health Advantage.

In addition, the Miracle-Ear Foundation® is designed to support underserved Americans with a limited income and no other resources for hearing aids, such as insurance, Medicaid, VA, or other state or federal programs. Learn if you’re eligible for the Miracle-Ear Foundation.

Out of 48 million Americans experiencing some degree of hearing loss, nearly 75% put off getting help. At Miracle-Ear, we believe in making hearing care affordable and accessible even if you don't have hearing aid insurance. That’s why we offer hearing solutions to fit every budget.

Miracle-Ear offers a range of services and benefits with their hearing aids, including:

1. Custom hearing aid fitting to ensure optimal comfort and performance for every user.

2. Regular hearing aid cleanings to maintain device functionality and longevity.

3. Free lifetime service and aftercare to provide ongoing support and assistance for users.

4. Battery replacement services to ensure your hearing aids continue to operate reliably when the batteries run out.

5. Repair services for damaged or malfunctioning hearing aids.

Please note the availability and details of these services may vary depending on your Miracle-Ear location and your hearing aid model. Contact your local Miracle-Ear for precise information on the services included with your hearing aid purchase. 

We offer a diverse range of hearing aids delivering to the unique needs of our patients, which is why there's a variance in our hearing aid price range. Our commitment to enhancing your hearing experience is reflected in the options provided. The cost of hearing aids varies due to technology levels, design choices and added features, offering you the freedom to select what best suits your budget and lifestyle. Our premium Miracle-Ear hearing aids offer advanced sound quality, wireless connectivity, and lifetime service and aftercare. Specialized options such as tinnitus management and water resistance are also available. We prioritize transparency and encourage you to consult with your local Miracle-Ear hearing care specialist to find your ideal hearing aid solution.

The cost of hearing aids can vary among different styles, such as In-the-ear (ITE), Competely-in-canal (CIC), Receiver-in-canal (RIC), and Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. While it's important to note pricing is based on technology and additional features, here's general overview of the cost trends for these hearing aid styles:

1. BTE hearing aids price: BTE hearing aids are often on the higher end of the price spectrum due to their versatility and advanced technology. These devices are powerful and capable of accomodating many features, including wireless connectivity and powerful sound processing. *On average, BTE hearing aids can range from $1,000 to $4,000 per ear.

2. RIC hearing aids price: RIC hearing aidss are known for their discreet design and advanced technology. They are typically priced lower thhan traditional BTE hearing aids, while still offering advanced features. *On average, RIC hearing aids range from $1,200 to $3,500 per ear.

3. ITE hearing aid prices: ITC hearing aids are custom-fit and fit inside the ear. Due to their size, they are typically less expensive than BTE and RIC hearing aids and offer fewer advanced features. *ITE hearing aids can range from $800 to $1,300 per ear.

When considering a hearing aid, it's important to understand the most expensive option doesn't always equate to the best choice for every individual. The selection process should revolve around a thorough evaluation of your lifestyle, specific needs and preferences.

Your hearing aid/s should align with your lifestyle and comfort, level of social engagement, type and level of hearing loss, desired level of technology, and of course, your budget. While advanced digital hearing aids with the latest technology might come at a higher price, it's essential to strike a balance that ensures your hearing aids suit your hearing needs and financial considerations. Miracle-Ear offers a variety of options and experienced hearing care professionals to guide you in making the best choices. 

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*Miracle-Ear® lifetime aftercare not included with hearing aids purchased utilizing some insurance benefits.

** Limited warranty, see store or for details.

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