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Are Cheap Hearing Aids Good?

3 reasons to avoid cheap hearing aids and find affordable ones

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Can cheap hearing aids adequately address hearing loss?

When preparing to purchase hearing aids, it's important to research all your options to determine where you'll receive the most value -- the best hearing experience to address your specific hearing loss longer-term at the lowest cost. And with the way hearing aid technology is advancing, along with the expertise required to properly address your personal hearing care needs, cheap hearing aids are not the best way to go. 

1. A compromise in cost may compromise performance.

We’ve all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for,” and it couldn’t ring truer when purchasing hearing aids. Hearing aid costs typically directly correlate to the level of technology present in each tiny hearing device. It often comes down to whether you’re looking for a hearing aid to pick up tonal nuances in the richness of conversations, larger gatherings, outdoor experiences, while driving, etc., or you’re simply looking for a sound amplifier that might still find you missing out on certain sounds.

2. You’re on your own.

When purchasing hearing aids online or at a retailer that doesn’t offer customized hearing aid programming, service plans or regular cleanings, you need to figure out these factors yourself. Beyond the often-frustrating time you invest in figuring out your new technology, this opens up your hearing aid experience to harmful operator error, inaccurate hearing settings or mishandling of the delicate technology. Miracle-Ear hearing care professionals are trained to position you for the best hearing aid experience, offering care plans for optimal hearing longer term.

3. Shorter device life span.

Your hearing needs are always on. If your hearing aids can’t support you for the long haul or give out in a critical moment, you’re right back where you started this research and likely out of a few hundred dollars that could have been more meaningfully invested in a durable pair of hearing aids with lifetime care. 

The right-sized investment in a new pair of budget-friendly hearing aids will impact your overall wellbeing and has future health implications. Take a free online hearing test now to understand if you’re experiencing hearing loss and if a full hearing evaluation is recommended.

Meanwhile, we’re here to help you make the best, most-informed decision along your hearing journey. There are many affordable and inexpensive hearing aid options. Learn how to get the most from your Miracle-Ear hearing aids by taking advantage of our regular hearing aid promotions and potential hearing aid tax deductions.

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