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When you're in the market to buy hearing aids and it comes to hearing aid sales it's worth noting the savings you get might not translate to the technical features and assistance your hearing health requires. To ensure you experience the maximum value from your hearing aid device, we have a variety of options to fit your budget, your hearing needs and long-term maintenance and care.

Schedule an appointment now for a free hearing evaluation and to ask your local Miracle-Ear about any current or upcoming hearing aid promotions. When it comes to your hearing health, the care you take can return dividends in the form of an improved quality of life, improved relationships with your family, friends and community in addition to preventative care of your own mental health and well being. 

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Experience the unmatched benefits of Miracle-Ear hearing aids this Black Friday. Elevate your hearing with our superior hearing technology in an array of advanced Miracle-Ear models designed for ultimate clarity and comfort.

Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond your appointment with the inclusion of a robust 3-year hearing aid warranty and free lifestime service and aftercare, ensuring that your hearing aid purchase delivers the maximum value. Our team of licensed and trained professionals is here to guide you on your hearing health journey, providing you with expert care every step of the way. 

What to Expect During Your Hearing Aid Consultation | Miracle-Ear

What to know for your first appointment

Did you know that the average person waits seven years after they realize they have hearing loss before seeking help? Think about all the conversations they’ve missed. It's great you're considering improving your hearing now. Here's what to expect!

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The Miracle-Ear Foundation

Money doesn’t have to be a barrier to individuals seeking the benefits of hearing aid technology. Since 1990, the Miracle-Ear Foundation has been giving the Gift of Sound™ to people who demonstrate a personal inability to financially provide for their hearing health needs. For every hearing aid sold, Miracle-Ear makes a financial commitment to help someone in need.