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Five benefits of hearing aids you’ll notice right away

Last update on Jan, 13, 2021

Have you ever wondered why it’s important to wear hearing aids? These small, life-changing pieces of technology provide long-term positive effects and shifts you’ll notice first-hand.

Some of the benefits of hearing aids include big-picture improvements, such as job performance and brain health. But, you’ll also experience immediate changes in your day-to-day activities. You may not even know you’ve been missing out on some of the smaller, yet equally important ways hearing aid advantages improve overall quality of life. 

The sooner you take the initiative to treat your loss with quality hearing aids, the sooner you’ll get back what you’ve been missing—there’s so much life to live and discover. If you’re asking yourself ‘will hearing aids benefit me?’ or ‘do hearing aids really work?’, the short answer is yes. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of hearing aids that can, transform your life for the better.

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1. Talking on the phone will be easier

Using cell phones, iPads and other types of audio communication is a wonderful way to stay connected to loved ones near and far. With untreated hearing loss, however, people often struggle to decipher nuanced sounds struggle to decipher nuanced sounds. Some people use lip-reading as a way to understand what others are saying more precisely. Because you can’t see the other person while talking on the phone, this option isn’t available. You can’t train your ears to compensate for the missing visual signals, which can make telephone conversations more difficult.

Quality hearing aids help relieve these issues so you can enjoy having phone conversations with friends and family. Our Bluetooth feature enhances the experience even more, as sound streams directly into your hearing aid. This means you can listen and speak without holding your smartphone up to your ear. Once you get your hearing aids, make a call right away to experience a new sense of ease and comfort while talking on the phone. This hearing aid advantage can be a welcomed breath of fresh air for many people. 

2. You’ll hear sounds that were missing

Many people, like Miracle-Ear customer Barb, wait a long time before addressing hearing problems; the average delay is almost 10 years. During this time, individuals often miss out on everyday sounds, such as birds chirping and rain falling outside. Because loss can happen gradually, some people aren’t even aware these sounds are fading away.

One of the benefits of hearing aids is that these seemingly mundane sounds will suddenly resurface. Simple activities, such as walking in nature, can introduce entirely new sounds and feelings, whether it’s the crunching of leaves below your feet, wind whistling or the sound of thunder. Wearing hearing aids will improve quality of life by creating an opportunity to slow down and truly listen to the world around you with new appreciation.

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Are you missing everyday sounds?

Each day includes sounds that stitch your day together, from birds chirping as you sip your morning coffee on the patio to the serene sound of summer rain pattering on your umbrella. How does hearing loss affect our ability to hear these sounds?

3. Listening to music and podcasts

Perhaps there are certain songs or albums you’ve listened to hundreds of times. Hearing loss can make it challenging to understand the lyrics and sing along to songs you love. So, what do hearing aids do to change this? If you wear your new devices to a live music performance, you may feel like the sound has more depth and precision. You’ll be able to hear music more fully and have an all-around better listening experience.

Listening to the radio and interesting podcasts will feel easier too. When you’re driving in the car listening to the news or radio shows, you won’t be missing words the way you likely were before. Instead, you’ll be able to follow along with the story on your podcast and appreciate all of the jokes, banter and commentary the hosts have to share.

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If you’re interested in exploring and learning about the world of hearing loss through a podcast, check outAll About Audiology. The series is hosted by Dr. Lilach Saperstein, who speaks with other experts about topics like speech therapy, how to protect hearing and more.

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4. You’ll feel more confident

There’s a close relationship between hearing aids and your brain. When hearing loss goes undetected and untreated, people can be prone to certain psychological disorders like depression or loneliness. One huge hearing aid advantage is that wearing them can help with these issues. In fact, reduced stress is one of many benefits of hearing aids.

As soon as you get fitted for your hearing aids, you’ll immediately notice a significant improvement in how clearly you can hear people speaking and the sounds in your environment. This can spark a new sense of energy and confidence right away. As you start to wear your devices more, you’ll likely develop more self-assurance, which can change your interactions with others and improve your whole sense of identity. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself having more conversations while checking out at the grocery store or ordering dinner at a restaurant.

5. Rediscover favorite movies and shows

Everyone has that favorite movie or television show they rewatch. Whether it’s a sitcom, drama, thriller or documentary, we all find comfort in the familiar. One of the benefits of hearing aids is having the chance to rediscover these all over again. You might be surprised by all the quotes and moments you hear, this time with improved sound.

Miracle-Ear hearing aids also have special features that make using technology more convenient and manageable. With binaural direct streaming, sound plays straight into both hearing aids from your iPhone. You can use this feature to watch videos wirelessly, in addition to making phone calls and listening to music. To wirelessly connect your hearing aids with your television, use our TV streamer. This device connects the Genius 3.0 hearing aids with your TV, so you can take advantage of even better sound quality. 

While these are some of the most immediate hearing aid advantages you may enjoy, your journey has only begun!

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