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Binaural hearing aids and technology

Last update on Aug, 11, 2021

Life’s better when you’re more connected. New GENIUS™ 3.0 technology connects you to the people who are important to you and all the sounds that enrich your life.

Binaural direct streaming

This innovative hearing aid technology offers the only combination of direct binaural iPhone® streaming with wireless ear-to-ear communication and uncompromised sound quality, so you can enjoy the most natural hearing experience with top-of-the-line technological benefits.

Binaural” means hearing with both ears. Hearing aids with binaural wireless communication work like ears naturally do, by listening and talking to each other. This is particularly useful for hearing clearly in noisy environments. Binaural direct streaming allows you to stream phone calls, music and video from your iPhone, directly to both hearing aids.

Stream your favorite sounds directly to both ears, such as telephone conversations, music and videos from your Apple®  iPhone.®

Use the TV streamer to enjoy high quality Dolby Digital® sound from your TV directly to your GENIUS™ 3.0 hearing aids.

Listen to your favorite music, in vibrant stereo, streamed directly to your hearing aids.

Connect to your GPS device and receive step-by-step directions streamed directly to your hearing aids.

Binaural-capable hearing aids and streaming technology help you take advantage of the benefits of binaural hearing. Learning more about the latest hearing aid technology at the Miracle-Ear blog

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