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Barb's Hearing Journey

Last update on May, 30, 2019

Barb is a Miracle-Ear customer from Minnesota. A new grandmother who’s active outdoors and with her church, Barb loves all the wonderful sounds she’s able to enjoy again, thanks to hearing aids.

For those with hearing loss, there’s often a moment of insight or discovery that motivates them to get hearing aids. For Barb, it was the realization that she was missing out on her relationships—especially those in her bible study. “I missed a lot, because I couldn’t hear people when we were having a discussion,” Barb says. “I knew at that point I needed to do something.”

Barb found her closest Miracle-Ear and got fitted for hearing aids by John, her hearing care provider (see John’s story). How did it feel when she walked out of the store with her hearing aids? “It was amazing,” she says, “because it was like, ‘I can hear.’”

While Barb is grateful for her hearing aids, she wishes she’d bought them sooner: “When people have a hip replacement or knee replacement, they’re really bummed they didn’t do it earlier, and that’s kind of how I felt.”

Barb especially loves how hearing aids have re-introduced her to the life’s many beautiful sounds, from birds chirping to her grandbaby’s voice. “To hear her giggle and laugh…she has just brought me so much joy,” Barb says.

“Just going outside, you can hear birds…you can hear things that you really haven’t even thought about.”

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