Tinnitus Treatment Customer Reviews

Last update on May, 29, 2019

Millions of Americans experience tinnitus, or the ringing in your ears. While there's no cure for this frustrating sensation, hearing aids can often provide much needed relief. Take a look at what some Miracle-Ear customers have to say about their experience with tinnitus treatment using Miracle-Ear hearing aids and the relief they provide. The reviews of their treatment speak for themselves. 

“I was at the beginning stages of tinnitus when I went to the ear doctor. And I know no one says the hearing aids cure tinnitus, but in my case, when I put it in I realized that I didn’t have tinnitus anymore. I took it out and didn’t wear it for four or five days, my tinnitus started to come back. So it not only improves my hearing, it also takes care of that. I've been using Miracle-Ear for almost over a year now and I'm very pleased. They are absolutely outstanding.” 

-Gilbert G.

“Three months ago I got tinnitus and didn't realize it. I was having this ringing in the hearing aid and the professional said, "Do you have that ringing when you take your hearing aid out?" I said yes and the professional replied that she thought it was tinnitus. She put a program that would appease it and it solved my problem. I've had a great experience.” 

-John B.

“Miracle-Ear had called me to see if I wanted to get a hearing test, which I needed. Since I've been there, it's been amazing. I ended up with the behind-the-ear hearing aid and it's very comfortable. I have tinnitus and my hearing care professional programmed in the ocean sound that gets rid of that constant humming in my head, which is very nice.” 

-John W.

Tinnitus control

Behind the Tech: Tinnitus Control

While there’s no cure for tinnitus, hearing aids can offer lasting relief. Watch to learn about Miracle-Ear’s three built-in treatment programs for tinnitus control.

Miracle-Ear hearing aid specialist John during a visit

Looking for tinnitus relief?

If you experience tinnitus and are looking for relief, don’t wait another day. Find your nearest Miracle-Ear center and we’ll find a treatment option that works for you. Maybe someday one of these reviews will be yours.

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