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Customer Feedback on Our Staff

Last update on May, 29, 2019
Two customers visiting a Miracle-Ear center with one of our audiologists

Miracle-Ear Hearing Instrument Specialists

Our hearing care professionals are proud of the work they do. Through their expertise and dedication to solving problems, they have helped millions of people hear better days. Hear from some Miracle-Ear customers that love the service they receive.

“I have been a proud hearing aid wearer since the age of 12. I started at that time in Ohio with Miracle-Ear. In college I ended up switching to a different brand that just was not as good. I am SO incredibly glad to be back to wearing Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids in my adult years. The office staff are helpful and the overall atmosphere is positive and environment is clean. My hearing aid specialist is seriously one top notch guy and is incredibly personable. I used to have the whole white coat syndrome, but that is completely out the window! I no longer have anxiety when it comes to having hearing aid appointments or annual hearing exams. They are super accommodating, also, in helping find the best avenue in terms of price of hearing aids. They have many options based on prices, but also multiple ways to look at financing/help.”

 - Amber R., NC

“My hearing instrument specialist and the front office staff went above and beyond to help me! They made me feel like I was their top priority. They were patient, professional and concerned. I did not feel rushed (as I have with a previous service), I got the results I wanted and needed. I am very happy with my new hearing aids and can hear the tv and have conversations with others with no problem. I can't thank these two enough for helping me hear better!”

 - Rebecca W., TX

“I visited Miracle Ear 6 months ago when my wife suggested we have our hearing tested. (I already knew that my hearing was poor since birth). My provider is very professional and very good at making sure a customer’s needs are met. He is a real pleasure to work with. On my first visit, I was quite amazed at the testing and hearing aid programming process. Being an electrical engineer familiar with frequency response measurements during school, it was fascinating seeing the programmed response curve being overlaid on the measurement data. What is truly amazing is how natural the sound is. I almost forget that I am wearing them sometimes.”

 - James S., CA

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