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Richard's Hearing Journey

Last update on Sep, 30, 2019

Richard is a Miracle-Ear customer from Minnesota. Funny, loving and outgoing, Richard credits Miracle-Ear with saving his marriage. 

When Richard first laid eyes on Cookie at his auto body shop 40 years ago, he knew instantly he’d met his future wife.  “It was like a thunderbolt,” he says. “I told her then and there we’d get married.”

Cookie thought he was crazy.  Richard, she discovered, had a wild side. She was calm and soft-spoken. But true to his prediction, Richard and Cookie married before the year was out.   

Richard and Cookie found their different natures kept them in balance. But as time went on, that peace and harmony began to fray. Richard couldn’t hear. Instead of talking, they shouted. Instead of laughing, they argued.

When Cookie told Richard he had a hearing problem, he insisted that she mumbled. When Cookie said the TV and car radio were too loud, Richard claimed they weren’t loud enough. It got to the point that Cookie wore earplugs in the house and they drove separate cars.

Realizing the effect his hearing loss was having on his marriage, Richard visited Miracle-Ear for a free hearing evaluation. He marveled at the care and compassion he received, calling the visit phenomenal and the product life-changing. “I literally called up and told my technician he had to lower my hearing aid because I could hear the grass grow,” Richard says with a laugh. “That’s how everything was so crystal clear.”

I had the volume on my TV at 28. Now it’s number eight. That’s a big difference.

Now that the TV volume is down, Cookie reads, does paperwork and enjoys her home without disruption. Best of all, she no longer shouts to be heard. Instead, she can concentrate on the man she loves rather than the noise that overwhelmed her. Not only do they drive together, they sing together, too. Their relationship is “really, really good,” she says.

Richard agrees. Miracle-Ear made a huge contribution to their marriage, he says. “I'm grateful for a lot of things, but mainly having her by my side. To me, she’s more important than the air I breathe. Happy wife, happy life.”

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