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Benjamin and Bobby's Hearing Journey

Last update on Sep, 26, 2019

Benjamin and Bobby are Miracle-Ear customers from Houston, Texas. The brothers have always been close, but 30+ years on the police force strengthened their bond. That — and their Miracle-Ear hearing aids. 

Benjamin and Bobby grew up hunting, fishing, riding horses and fixing racecars. When Benjamin joined the police force, his older brother soon followed. Now retired, the brothers reflect on how Miracle-Ear made them better officers — and better husbands.

“I didn't do law enforcement for the pay. It was to help people,” Benjamin states. “As a police officer you're a counselor. Sometimes you're a preacher. Sometimes you have to be a mom or a dad to small children. I remember picking up little kids and just holding them because their parent was hurt or something was happening to them. One thing I can say about Miracle Ear and my hearing aids — I can now hear what that little child is saying to me.”

Hearing loss impacted Bobby’s skills as an officer, too. “I was at a scene where a lady had been through a terrible time. As she's telling me her story, I kept asking her to repeat herself. It’s bad enough she had to go through this once, and I'm making her go through it twice — maybe three times — because I can’t hear.”

Miracle-Ear helped them both do a better job of policing, the brothers say. For instance, before, when they stopped people and asked them what they were doing, they couldn’t hear their responses. Thanks to Miracle-Ear, they knew what they’d been doing because they heard them talking about it.

Then there were the times they had to enter a house very quietly. “We wouldn’t want somebody to know we were coming in,” Benjamin relates. “If you had your handheld radio blaring, then everybody else would hear it.” That situation, too, was remedied with hearing aids. 

When that child came to me for help and I couldn't hear, it was time to go get my hearing tested.

Miracle-Ear also improved the brothers’ home lives.

Benjamin one again enjoys a romantic night out with his wife. “We would be at a restaurant and eating our meal in silence because there was no way we could carry on a conversation. I could not hear what she was saying across the table. The hearing aids have made it 100 percent better.”

Says Bobby, “My wife would come up behind me and whisper she loved me, and I wouldn’t say anything because I didn’t hear her. It was very irritating to her. Now when she says I love you, I say it, too.” 

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