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Deborah's Hearing Journey

Last update on Sep, 27, 2019

Deborah is a Miracle-Ear customer living in New Jersey. With her Miracle-Ear hearing aids, she savors not only the delicious holiday meals she prepares for family, but the lively conversation as well.  

There are some things everyone wants to hear. Holiday dinner conversations. Movies. A grandchild celebrating her birthday. Then there are the things no one wants to hear, like “You need a hearing aid.”

 “I was concerned that if I got hearing aids, people would see them,” Deborah explains. “I have short hair.” Besides, she really didn’t need them.

Daughter Melissa found visiting her mother an explosive situation. The TV would be blasting, and everyone was shouting. “We had to yell really loudly to get her attention, and sometimes even that wouldn't work. Sometimes I would have to physically go in the room and wave my hands at her because she couldn't hear me.”

Embarrassed by her inability to make out the simplest of words, Deborah stopped going to church, movies and other social events — all the while denying she had a hearing problem. When she agreed to a free Miracle-Ear hearing assessment, she fully expected a clean bill of health. If they recommended a hearing aid, she didn’t want to hear it.

That didn’t stop Miracle-Ear staff from recommending one — or two, in Deborah’s case. Once fitted with her hearing aids, Deborah was amazed and excited by all the things she could hear — especially the voice of her precious grandchild. And much to her surprise, the hearing aids were actually comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that she’d forget she was wearing them. “I had to put a note on my bathroom mirror to remind myself to take them out before I got in the shower,” Deborah recalls. “I would forget I had them in.” 

He gave me a sample of how I should be hearing...I said to him, ‘Does everybody hear like this?'

Now when Melissa comes to visit, she watches TV with her mom at a comfortable volume. They even go out to movies. And at large family gatherings, Deborah actively participates in the conversation.

“We’re Italian, and everybody’s just talking all the time,” Deborah explains. Before, she couldn’t make out half the conversation. Now she hears all the craziness going on. “I even have to turn down the hearing aids,” she says with a laugh.

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