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Aurelia's Hearing Journey

Last update on Sep, 25, 2019

A surgeon at a large metropolitan hospital, Aurelia loves how her new Miracle-Ear hearing aids enable her to hear the voices of her children, grandchildren and best of all, her husband, Wiley.  

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When Aurelia first met Wiley, her future spouse, it was Wiley’s voice that drew her in. “I thought, ‘Man, what a soothing, sexy voice he has,’” Aurelia says. “I loved to hear him talk.”

Now married 30 years, Aurelia still adores her husband’s voice — thanks to her Miracle-Ear hearing aids. Before receiving the hearing aids, Aurelia was finding it increasingly difficult to hear the voice she loved.  “He would say something, and I would say, ‘What?’ He would repeat it, and I would say ‘what?’ After a while he’d say ‘never mind’ and walk away. By then I was in tears.”

“It was a frustrating time,” Wiley recounts. “It was very difficult to communicate. After repeating something over and over again and not being heard, I would give up.”

Casual interactions became tense. Aurelia would be home, enjoying her music, and Wiley would come in and turn it down. “I thought he was being rude, but I didn’t say anything.”

Wiley got so used to shouting that he unwittingly carried the habit into the office. “When I got to work, my colleagues would say, ‘Hey, tone it down a bit,’ because I was speaking loudly at work as well.”

Depressed and embarrassed by her hearing loss, Aurelia avoided church, classes and, more and more, conversing with her husband. Miracle-Ear, the couple say, saved both Aurelia’s hearing and their relationship.  

In a noisy restaurant I can hear our conversation. We can talk now.

Equipped with her Miracle-Ear hearing aid, Aurelia became noticeably happier and outgoing, her husband relates. She smiles a lot, they go out more often and they communicate better.

Aurelia agrees. She points out that she’s back at church, she can hear her daughter and her grandchild over the phone, and she can hear the birds singing and their cat purring. The biggest benefit of all, though, she says, is that she can hear her husband’s deep, sexy voice again. “Miracle-Ear really made a difference!” she exclaims. 

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