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John's Story: Healthcare Career Change

Last update on May, 13, 2019

John Ottman is a Miracle-Ear hearing instrument specialist. Previously an English teacher and business manager, he switched gears to answer a higher calling to help and give back to the community. 

With a background in teaching and business management, John recently decided to change careers. “I really got to a point in my life where I wanted to find a way to give back, and find a way to help,” John says. “And Miracle-Ear has been an excellent place to do that.”

For John, becoming certified and trained as a Miracle-Ear hearing specialist has enabled him to combine multiple interests in his life: science, technology and interpersonal communication.

It’s not just about hearing loss. It’s the way hearing loss impacts their lives.

He finds joy in helping patients improve not only their hearing, but also their relationships with loved ones. “It’s not just a hearing loss,” John says. “It’s the way hearing loss impacts their lives. It changes their relationships, and it changes them. And that’s pretty important stuff.”

Hearing aids are highly technical pieces of medical equipment, and John appreciates how his training at Miracle-Ear has equipped him with the knowledge to educate and coach patients on how use their hearing aids to the fullest. “We have a handle on the technology, and we’re trained, but we also care about the results. It’s that combination that really comes together in a patient relationship,” John says. 

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