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Taiha's Story: Affecting Positive Change

Last update on May, 13, 2019

Taiha’s heart has always been drawn to helping others, but after her mother’s early passing, Taiha began to re-evaluate how she wanted to spend her time. Yearning to make a more direct and meaningful impact on patients, she decided to get certified and licensed as a Miracle-Ear hearing aid provider.

I’ve always wanted to spend my time helping people improve the quality of their life.

As a hearing specialist for Miracle-Ear, Taiha loves that she really gets to know her patients well over time—thanks to Miracle-Ear’s lifetime aftercare service, which allows patients to come in for fittings, cleanings and adjustments free of charge, year after year.

“I get to spend my whole day talking with friends—and that’s really what my patients are [to me],” says Taiha. She enjoys creating positive change in not only her patients’ lives, but also their connections with friends and family: “To be able to improve family relationships like that...that's pretty special."

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