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Miracle-Ear Employee Training

Miracle-Ear’s commitment to education and training

Our goal is to ensure our customers receive the best hearing health care and customer service from our knowledgeable and highly trained-hearing care professionals.

We provide an extensive internal certification program available to all Miracle-Ear employees. This is in addition to all required state licenses and certifications. Our exclusive certification program includes:

Annual extensive training for our hearing care professionals. This rigorous and thorough certification trains our employees to match the right hearing aid solution for each individual customer's hearing lifestyle and needs.

In-depth training and testing for our front office employees, ensuring you will receive the best customer service possible starting the time you walk through the door.

Each employee must re-certify every year in order to maintain the high standard of service we expect from Miracle-Ear location.

We Promise a Lifetime of Aftercare*

Each Miracle-Ear employee who has passed the Superior Customer Care Certification will:

Provide you with the utmost care by following the high-quality Miracle-Ear Experience™.

Follow industry-standard protocols to ensure we fit you with the right hearing aids to improve your life.

Thoughtfully listen and suggest hearing aids, technology and accessories to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

*Miracle-Ear® lifetime aftercare not included with hearing aids purchased utilizing some insurance benefits.

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