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Miracle-Ear Expert: Dr. Thomas Tedeschi

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Dr. Tom Tedeschi

Dr. Thomas Tedeschi, Au.D.

Chief Audiology Officer, Miracle-Ear

Dr. Tedeschi, Au.D. is the Chief of Audiology and Regulatory Affairs for Miracle-Ear. He holds a doctorate degree in Audiology and has worked in a number of sectors throughout his career, including hospital based, private practice, teaching and industry related positions.  

Dr. Tedeschi started his career as the Chief of Audiology for a large Children’s Hospital Medical Center where he specialized in central auditory disorders and neurophysiologic evaluations of the hearing and balance mechanisms. He then moved into the private sector where he was a partner in a Hearing and Balance Center. At that time, he also held adjunct professor status at The University of Akron. After leaving private practice Dr. Tedeschi became the Director of World Wide Training & Business Development for Sonic Innovations and was responsible for the establishment of training protocols and business development in 22 countries.

Dr. Tedeschi has co-authored chapters on Ethics in Audiology in two books, and recently co-authored a chapter on Practice Management. He has been the author of numerous professional articles and has given over 400 professional presentations both nationally and internationally. Dr. Tedeschi has served on various committees for the American Academy of Audiology, including the Academy’s Ethical Practices Board and is a Past President of the Ohio Academy of Audiology. He is also a recipient of Distinguished Fellow for Policy and Strategy, National Academy of Practice.  


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