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Adjusting to new hearing aids

Last update on Jan, 05, 2021
Dr. Tom Tedeschi

Dr. Thomas Tedeschi, Au.D.

Chief Audiology Officer, Miracle-Ear

"I’ll soon be wearing new Miracle-Ear hearing aids! I’m excited, and I want to know how I can get the most out of them."

First of all, congratulations for taking this step to improve your hearing and your quality of life! Regarding your question, the most important piece of advice I can give you about adjusting to new hearing aids is to follow the guidance provided by your Miracle-Ear hearing care specialist. This individual has received extensive training in proven best practices to help ensure your success with hearing aids.

However, here are some of my tactics and tips for getting the most out of your new hearing aids.

Practice patience

Adjusting to new hearing aids takes time, commitment, and understanding, even if you’ve worn hearing aids before. Be sure to stick to the wearing schedule recommended by your Miracle-Ear hearing care specialist; this will help ensure a smooth transition to amplification.

Keep your appointments

Remember, at Miracle-Ear you enjoy free aftercare for as long as you own your hearing aids. At your aftercare appointments, the Miracle-Ear provider will make sure the hearing aids are functioning properly and are programmed to precisely match your hearing loss. The fine tuning of your aids to match your unique needs is crucial for making the smoothest transition possible to your new hearing aids. 

Get used to your own voice

If your voice sounds different or louder than you expected, don’t worry, this is perfectly natural when adjusting to new hearing aids. It may take a little time for your voice to sound normal.

Be realistic

While hearing aids can improve your ability to hear conversation in noisy environments, don’t be discouraged if you’re unable to hear every word. Even people with normal hearing can struggle to hear conversations in noisy situations. At the same time, your Miracle-Ear specialist may be able to adjust the hearing aids and/or offer tips for communicating more effectively in noise.

Ask for help

Family and friends can play an important role in your process as you adjust to new hearing aids — but you may need to take the initiative. For example, remind them that they don’t need to speak so loudly to you anymore. Also, as your brain relearns sounds, it’s helpful if they speak more slowly and look at you during conversations. Check out our tips for communicating with hearing loss for more helpful ideas.

Finally, don’t forget that your Miracle-Ear hearing care specialist is always ready and willing to help you become acclimated to your new Miracle-Ear hearing aids.

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