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Miracle-Ear Expert Dr. Victoria Zambrano

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Victoria Zambrano

Dr. Victoria Zambrano, Au.D.

Miracle-Ear Audiologist

Dr. Victoria Zambrano, Au.D. is a Miracle-Ear Audiologist in Brooklyn, NY. She received her Bachelor's degree in Audiology from St. John's University, her Master’s degree in Audiology from Hofstra University, and her Doctor of Audiology from the University of Florida. She’s been with Miracle-Ear for 16 years and an Audiologist for nine years.

Victoria originally went to school to become a speech language pathologist but found that she excelled in Audiology. While in school, Victoria worked in private practices, schools, hospitals and even the VA, while also working full time at Miracle-Ear. She has gone back to school several times because she wanted to make sure she was giving the best possible treatment and service to her customers.

While she finds diagnosis to be extremely interesting, rehabilitation is what she truly loves. She feels it’s the rehab that allows her work to really show. When patients tell her she’s made a difference in their lives, she feels most accomplished and successful. 


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